Media Studies GCSE (Music Press) Last Minute Revision (RE: "Rhymix")

This is a last minute revision document for anyone studying the music press for GCSE Media Studies, it focuses on Dance Music and the Demographics, Bands, and Songs as well as links to the Brief that you'll have to make in your exam, good luck and I hope I helped!

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Daft Punk
Songs (In the Dance Charts as of the 5th June 2013):
Get Lucky (Daft Punk)
Waiting All Night (Rudimental Feat. Ella Eyre)
Endorphins (Sub Focus Feat. Alex Clare)
Don't You Worry Child (Swedish House Mafia)
The Demographics of Dance Music:
"The demographic of EDM enthusiasts are mostly Millennials -- those born between 1982 and 2002." 1
"According to 60 Minutes, Millennials are "the most diverse generation ever: 35 percent are non-white, and the
most tolerant, believing everyone should be part of the community."
The generational belief that "everyone belongs" is a strong theme throughout the EDM culture.
Relating to the Pre-Release Brief:
The brief states that they want the `Updateable Page' to create "opportunities for fans to
connect with bands/artistes", they also want your suggestions on how they would do that.
You need to think about content and design for the updateable page for their online
You still need to know a bit about the Music Press in it's print form, all I think that you'd need to
say is that print sales are declining therefore it'd be much wiser to make a purely digital platform
to produce your magazine on. The brief asks specifically to comment on their decisions to
publish online. That's your window of opportunity.
Also mention that the demographics for your chosen genre (In this case Dance Music, so this
applies for Dance Music), are "Millennials", and this generation is what's known as the
"Technologically enhanced" nowadays, where we are always on our phones and other sources

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This is also a good reason as to only publish online. As we're not going to go
out specifically to buy a magazine when we can get it on our phones.
They want their magazine to be independent to other music magazines. "we don't want our
online magazine to become just another promotional tool for the music industry", they want
to provide current information about "all that is trending in the music scene".…read more


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