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Media Studies
Exam Date: Wed 11th June
9am ­ 11.15 (2 Hours)
3, 6, 9 rule ­ use a decent amount of media terminology to make sure that I get the grade.
This will determine whether I get above a `C' grade or above.

Camera Shots

Wide shot/very long shots:…

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Dutch angle: Slanted angle shot. This creates a feeling of ease or disturbance.

Bird's eye shot: Looking vertically down onto a subject.

Uses and Gratifications Theory

Developed in the 20th century.
Recognised in the media.
Idea that people use the media to get specific gratifications.
1: Escape - An escape…

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Subgenre ­ Overall genre of the television crime drama there are a group of programmes that
share similar conventions, for example detective-led dramas.
Hybrid Drama ­ some programmes share conventions of multiples of genres.
Prime time ­ When most people watch TV and when most popular programmes are scheduled.

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Audience become familiar with the main characters in crime dramas as they have been
established over time. They may be a private detective, a lawyer or a forensic officer. For
example: the characters in Silent Witness.
Audience become familiar with the main characters in crime dramas as they have been…

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Used established stars that have become household names to help marketing the
They are usually long ­ sometimes 2 hours.
A channel often makes spin-offs of dramas that have been successful and know that they
will attract the audience. For example Lewis and Endeavour which were inspired by

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Flashbacks: Used to give the audience additional information. They may be used to show
characters pasts.
Flexi-narrative: A complex narrative structure with layers interweaving narratives. The
technique challenges the audience and keeps them watching.
Iconography: The objects, settings and clothing related to a particular genre. For example,
in a crime…

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Periodical Publishers Association: An industry body which promotes the interest of the
consumer magazine sector.
Big Chip Company: An often global company who are well respected and whose business
interests are successful over a significant period of time.
Above The Fold: The top half of a website.
Imperative Command: Where…

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Active Audiences: Associated with the Uses and Gratifications model, active audiences
engage with the text, understand it and are not affected by it.
Passive Audiences: Audiences who are affected by a media text.
Myth: Something that is reinforced and circulated by the media to have the naturalness of


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