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1. what is the absorbency of linen?

  • absorbs 1/3 it';s weight, fast drying
  • low absorbency, slow drying
  • highly absorbent, fast drying
  • absorbs 1/3 it's weight, slow drying
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2. what is the handle/drape of cotton

  • coarse handle/poor drape
  • soft handle/good drape
  • soft handle/poor drape
  • coarse handle/good drape

3. what is the warmth of wool?

  • warm
  • very cool
  • warm if brushed
  • cool

4. what is the elasticity of wool?

  • poor, creases easily
  • poor but does not crease
  • good, creases drop out
  • good but creases

5. what is the elasticity of silk?

  • poor/creases drop out
  • very good/creases drop out
  • poor/creases easily
  • very good/creases easily


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