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FIBRES: hair like structure that is the basis of a yarn or fabric
STAPLE: short fibre that needs to be twisted with others to make a yarn
FILAMENT: long fibre that can be used alone or twisted with others to make smooth yarn
YARN: thread like structure that is made from either short staple fibres twisted together or
longs filament fibres
FABRIC: sheet or length of cloth made from fibres of yarns
Fabrics are made up of fibres. Fabric can be made up of one or more fibres and
Fibres have either been twisted into could have a special finish applied.
yarns and then knitted or woven There are thousands of fabrics as new fabrics are
together to make a length of the being developed all the time.
fabric. Or they have been formed
into a web and heat pressed or
glued together as a non woven
fabric.…read more

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Natural Fibres
NATURAL FIBRES: fibre that comes from a plant or animal · from fine hairs on seeds in a
source, which is a sustainable source ripe seed pod of a cotton plant
HANDLE: what it is like to hold and work with · strong, absorbent, cool to
DRAPE: how it hangs or behaves when pleated or pleated wear, durable, creases easily
DURABLE: able to withstand wear · smooth, versatile, easy to
ABSORBENT: able to take in and hold moisture care for and enhance
BREATHABLE: allowing perspiration to evaporate · soft furnishings, clothing,
LUSTRE: sheen of a fabrics yarns for knitting
Linen Silk
· from fibrous stems of a flax plants · from cocoon of silkworms
· very durable, cool next to skin, strong, · absorbent, soft, comfortable, cool and warm
absorbent, creases easily, no drape · natural lustre, handles well, strong when dry
· natural look, dull lustre, good handle · luxury clothing, soft furnishings, knitwear
· lightweight clothing, soft furnishings
· from hairs of sheep
· warm, absorbent, low flammability
· good handle, elasticity
· warm outer wear, suiting, knitwear, soft furnishings…read more

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Synthetic Fibres
SYNTHETIC FIBRE: entirely artificial Polyester
and made using oil and coal in chemical · very strong, flame resistant, thermoplastic,
production doesn't decompose
POLYMERISATION: process by which · versatile, can be made into many finishes
monomers are joined together from · wide range of textile products
TRADE NAME: name given to a fibre
created and sold by a company
MICROFIBRE: synthetic fibre that is
· strong when wet, durable, good elasticity,
made 60 times finer than a human hair,
doesn't decompose, melts as it burns
not able to see without a microscope
· versatile, can be made into many finishes
· clothing, ropes, carpets
· strong weaker when wet, thermoplastic, Elastane
shrinks from heat burns slowly then melts · very elastic, lightweight, very
· soft, can be made into fine and coarse strong, resists chemicals and
staple fibres biological damage from perspiration
· knitwear, toys, fake fur products, upholstery · medium to coarse filament fabrics
fabrics, antibacterial sportswear and socks · swimwear, sportswear…read more

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Regenerated Fibres
REGENERATED FIBRE: natural cellulose treated with artificial chemicals to extract the fibre
CLOSED LOOP PROCESS: manufacturing process where by all waste is reused is he
production system
BIODEGRADABLE: can be broken down naturally through action of bacteria or other living
SUSTAINABLE: can be manufactured with little or no negative impact on the environment
and on the health and wellbeing of the workers employed to make the product
Properties of Regenerated Fibres · combination of natural and artificial fibres
· highly absorbent · can be made to have many properties and very
· washable versatile
· soft · similar to cotton and therefore are good absorbers
· smooth
· comfortable to wear
· good drape…read more

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J Wazza


Just wanted to say that your powerpoints have literally saved my GCSEs :)

I used the science ones, textiles one and RE Mk's gos and RE ethics and they just made me so much more comfortable. Thank you x

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