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2. Who notes that young people from poorer homes have less energy levels, a lack of nutrition and vitamins?

  • Blanden and Machin
  • Hubbs Tait et al
  • Marilyn Howard
  • Richard Wilkinson

3. Who argues that material inequalities have the greatest effect on achievemnet?

  • Peter Mortimore and Geoff Whitty
  • Machin and Blanden
  • Hubbs-Tait et al
  • Emily Tanner et al

4. National union students online survey found that 81% of those from highest social class received help from home compared to what percentage from the lower class?

  • 46%
  • 43%
  • 42%
  • 48%

5. Many see material deprivation as the main cause of what?

  • Divorce
  • Achievement
  • Underachievement
  • Poverty


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