Sociology- (Material deprivation)

1. What is the definition of material deprivation?

  • Refers to having a lack of materialistic needs and can be sometimes be defined as poverty
  • Refers to having a lack of materialistic needs
  • Refers to having a lack of material necessities. It can be sometimes be described as living in poverty
  • Refers to having nothing that is needed therefore, being in full poverty
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2. What problems occur with temporary accomodation ? (indirect)

  • Physcholgical distress, conduct disorders and diseases= absences
  • Move and frequent changes of schooling causes disrupted and disjointed education =absences
  • Physchiological distress, infections, accidents = absences
  • Mental health issues, ill health and obesity =absences

3. Blanden and Machin found that in lower income families children are likely to engage in ___________ such as violence or temper tantrums. What is the missing word?

  • Violent behaviour
  • Extreme behaviour
  • Externalising behaviour
  • Externalised behaviour

4. Why do only 30% of university students come from working class backgrounds?

  • Underachievement i.e. not getting the grades needed
  • Fear of stigmatisation from peers
  • Fear of debt and limited financial support
  • Not fitting in

5. Why does having less energy, lack of nutrition and vitamins affect education?

  • Affects concentration levels
  • Affects health which in result causes absences and difficulties concentrating
  • Affects health which in result causes absences which result in disjointed education
  • Can be costly therefore, unable to purchase equipment which aids learning


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