Sociology- (Material deprivation)

1. Why is temporary accommodation a problem?(direct)

  • Change of schools means social groups are disjointed and unable to form a relationship
  • Move frequently so change of school causes disrupted and disjointed education
  • Increases cost therefore, family/career is unable to provide for educational equipment
  • Move frequently so change of school and accommodation means life can be disjointed
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2. Dropout rates are higher for uni's with a large proportion of poorer students . What are the examples?

  • 15.6% at London Metropolitan but 16% for Oxford
  • 16% at London Metropolitan but 15.6% at Oxford
  • 16.6% at London Metropolitan but 1.5% at Oxford
  • 15% at London Metropolitan nut 16.6% for Oxford

3. What does Jan Flaherty say ?

  • Money problems in family are significant factors in children non attendance at school
  • Money problems in the family are significant factors towards children's education
  • Money problems create underachievement amongst children
  • Money problems are the main cause of poverty

4. Most debt averse students ( typically working class) were over ____________ to apply than debt tolerable students. What are the blanks?

  • Five times less likely
  • Five times more likely
  • Five times as likely
  • A fifth more likely

5. Who notes that young people from poorer homes have less energy levels, a lack of nutrition and vitamins?

  • Marilyn Howard
  • Richard Wilkinson
  • Blanden and Machin
  • Hubbs Tait et al


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