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Class Differences - External Factors

  • Cultural Deprivation - intellectual development, language, attitudes and values.
  • Material Deprivation - statistics, housing, health and diet, financial support and the costs of education.
  • Cultural Capital - Bourdieu, cultural, educational and economic capital. Gertwitz- marketisation and parental choice (privedged-skilled, disconnected local, semi-skilled choosers)
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Class Differences - Internal Factors

  • Labelling in secondary schools - Becker
  • High and low status knowledge - Keddie
  • The self-fulfilling prohecy - Rosenthal and Jacobson - Teachers' expectations
  • Pupil Subcultures
  • Marketisation and selection policies
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Ethnic Differences


  • Cultural deprivation - intellectual and linguistic skill, attitudes and values and family structure.
  • Material Deprivation and class
  • Racism in Wider Society


  • Labelling and teacher racism
  • Pupil responses and subcultures
  • The ethnocentric curriculum
  • Insitutional racism
  • Selection and segregation
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Gender Differences


  • The impact of feminism
  • Changes in the family
  • Changes in women's employment
  • Girls' changing perceptions and ambitions


  • Equalzs
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