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What are the 6 ways humans use animals?
Pets/companions, workers, providers, sport, exericse and experimenting
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Examples of using animals as pets/companions?
Dogs and Cats
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Examples of using animals as workers?
Guide dogs, farm horses
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Examples of using animals as providers?
Cows and goats for milk and chickens for eggs
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Examples of using animals for sport?
Horse racing, dog racing and bull fighting
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Examples of using animals for exercise?
Horses and Dogs
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Examples of using animals for experimenting?
Testing medicines and cosmetic products
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Define the ivory trade?
the sale of ivory from elephants/rhinos tusks, often illegally
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Define sanctity of life?
Life is sacred because it's god given
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Define Vegan?
Someone who will not use any animal products
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Give 2 examples of organisations that monitor animal welfare?
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What are the 5 UK laws on animals?
It's a criminal offence to be cruel to or neglect a pet, some animals can't be kept as pets (eg wild animals+dangerous dogs), animal experiments for cosmetics are banned, dog fighting+fox hunting are illegal, pets have rights given by the welfare act
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Who are the Quakers?
A christian denomination who are all pacifists
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What are the 4 causes of war?
Greed (eg oil or land), human rights (protecting or gaining), protection (self defence or defending an ally) and religion (defend or spread a faith)
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What are the 3 positive consequences of war?
Freedom from corrupt government, protecting the country and deterring other countries
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What are the 5 negative consequences of war?
Death, destruction, disease, famine and expense
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What's the definition of peace?
The absence of conflict
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What's pacifism?
The belief that all forms of violence are wrong
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Define prejudice?
Thinking badly of someone because of the group they belong to
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Define discrimination?
Taking action on prejudice
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Define positive discrimination?
Treating someone more favorably because they've been discriminated against in the past
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Define stereotyping?
Having an over-simplified mental image of someone and applying it to everyone in a group
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What are the 6 causes of prejudice?
The media, upbringing, bad past experience, ignorance, scapegoating and being a victim to prejudice
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What are the 4 pieces of legislation concerning prejudice?
1975 equal pay act, 1976 race relations act (illegal to discriminate because of race), 1995 disability discrimination act (illegal to discriminate because of disability) and Equality act 2006 (protects people against religious discrimination+ageism
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What are the 4 consequences of discrimination?
Depression, isolation, sense of injustice (can lead to social uprisings and unrest) and suicide
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What is tolerance?
Accepting all people and valuing their contribution to life and society
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What is Harmony?
Living at peace with others, requires people to act, justify and have tolerance
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What 4 things do religions do to promote harmony?
Find common ground with inter-religious dialogues, accept inter-faith marriages, national framework on RE taught in all faith school and inter-faith network since 1987
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Christian views on prejudice?
Galations 3:28 (slave nor free Jew nor greek, male nor female, for you are all one in Jesus Christ), love thy neighbor, good Samaritan and God created men+women in his own image therefore they're of equal value
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Examples of prejudice from Christianity?
South Africa apartheid, Christians owning slaves, stealing Jerusalem during crusades
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Arguments for role of women?
Jesus respected women, Mary was one of Jesus closest followers, the first person to see resurrected Jesus was a woman and in 1997 first woman vicar
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Arguments against role of women?
St Paul new testament says women cannot speak in place of worship, old testament teaches that Eve ate forbidden fruit and brought sin into the world and during mass, the priest takes on the role of Jesus who was a man
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Who was Gandhi?
Campaigned against apartheid, hunger strike, refused to pay taxes and went on marches
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Who was MLK?
Lead peaceful marches to campaign for equal rights for blacks and whites
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Define fostering?
To temporarily look after a child that is not your own
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Define adoption?
Legally take a child that is not your own
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Define viable?
When the baby is able to survive outside the womb
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When did abortion become legal?
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What circumstances is abortion allowed under today?
Up to 24 weeks and 2 doctors agree that mothers life is at risk, risk to mothers health (physical+mental), risk to existing children and risk baby born handicapped
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What are the 4 points of view of when life begins?
Conception, heart starts beating (4 weeks), viable (24 weeks), at birth
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Whose rights are involved in an abortion?
Mother, exiting children and unborn child's
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5 reasons for pro choice?
Life doesn't start until viablility/birth, could risk mothers health, it's cruel to bring a handicapped child into the world, womens circumstances (****, too young), adoption can be more difficult than abortion
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5 reasons for pro life?
Life begins at conception therefore abortion is murder, women can be stressed after abortions (emotional+mental), unwanted children can be adopted, abortion could be seen as contraception and there are alternatives to abortion in situations like ****
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2 Buddhist views allowing an abortion?
The decision is solely the mothers, the motives are important
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2 Buddhist views against abortion?
Being re born as a human is rare so ending a human rebirth is selfish and wastes lives, bad motives could build up bad karma
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3 Christian quotes against abortion?
Psalm 127:3 children are a blessing from God, Exodus 20:13 you shalt not murder, Luke 6:36 be merciful as your heavenly father is merciful
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3 Christian quotes for abortion?
Mark 12:33 love thy neighbor meaning it's important to do the most loving thing, Hosea 9:11-16 God kills unborn children
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4 religious reasons for pacifism?
10 commandments 'thou shalt not kill', Matthew 26:52 draw by the sword die by the sword, sanctity of life and Matthew 5:38-39 turn the other cheek
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4 non religious reasons for pacifism?
War damages environment+wastes life, negotiation is needed with or without war, war affects innocent people and war causes suffering bitterness +hatred
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What are the 7 criteria for a just war?
Just cause(just reason), right authority, right intention(prevent greater evil), last resort, chance of success, avoid civilian harm and proportionality
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3 christian reasons for fighting?
Exodus 21:24 eye for an eye tooth for a tooth, Deuteronomy 20:1 do not worry when fighting lord is on your side, Exodus 15:3 lord is a warrior
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War case study?
Dietrich Bonheoffer tried to assassinate Hitler despite being pacifist
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What's a holy war?
Wars with religious aims or goals
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Who was irena sendler?
Joined polish resistance in WW2, helped jews by smuggling them out and providing false
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What is the UN?
Organisation set up at end of WW2 to prevent war by persuading countries to settle their differences
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What's terrorism?
unlawful use of extreme violence, usually against innocent civilians , to achieve a political goal
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3 types of WMD?
Chemical (napalm bomb WW2), nuclear (hiroshima), biological (bacteria/disease to kill people)
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