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I have attached some of my notes from Social Responsibility (Marriage). Use well and enjoy! 

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Social responsibility
What is the purpose of marriage?
What is the history of marriage?
Have there been any changes in marriage through time?
The greatest changes in marriage have been in the last 100 years.
Marriage is the binding together of two people.
By getting married, one is able to make social units. This has a great impact on large social
Marriage is a good building block of life.
Women in the past tend to get married because they wanted a better standard of life.
Being a sinter was bad and was shame because it was a way of saying that no one wanted to
build their life with you.
In the past, the non-married tended to go into the religious field.
Sometimes the parents of the woman paid to give her to a husband.
Marriage raises the social status.
How equal was marriage 1000 years ago?
It wasn't equal at all.
The dominance has changed and nowadays women don't have to be married, to have a
sexual partner, to have money or to have children.
The change happened in World War 2 when women did what would have been jobs that men
originally did.
We as a society are full of educated and strong women. Women now have independence
which they did not have in the past.
Is marriage really about the vows? (Better for worse)
Or is marriage about being is OK magazine.
There has been a high social change in divorce.
Socially, marriage's function has changed.

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Religiously, nothing has changed and the traditions are still there.
A brief history of marriage
Marriage has changed enormously in the last century. Before modern times it was influenced
far more by economic and social necessity. It was almost impossible economically for a
couple to split up. People were probably much more willing to put up with an unhappy
situation, because they did not really have a choice.
The experience of a marriage based on a loving and equal relationship has grown recently.…read more

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Doesn't possess the other
Shares their body with their partner- sexual relationship
Love is the most empowering thing in our world today. It is the strongest driver to do
things for another. Love takes us through the barriers.
Religious and civil marriage ceremonies
In all Christian Churches the bride and groom are expected to have a responsible attitude to
marriage. Because marriage is such a big undertaking most Christian churches expect couples
to attend marriage preparation before they actually get married.…read more

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A threat to Christian marriage
The Catholic Church does not recognise this as Christian marriage and considers this a
threat to Christian marriage. Christian marriage is based on the biblical understanding of
the natural order, which a marriage is between a man and a woman.
Civil partnerships are just as Christian as marriage
Some Christians argue: "Gay people deserve the same right to marry that everybody else
does. And God cares about our relationships the same way God cares about
heterosexual relationships.…read more


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