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Unit 3: Religion and Morality
Topic 1: Religious attitudes to matters of life

Where does life begin?
There are 3 main points at which people believe life begins either:
1. the moment of conception= when the sperm fertilizes the egg
2. at some point during pregnancy
3. when…

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and their sperm is In AID it helps husbands who
collected are in fertile.
3. the sperm is placed in
a pipette and is
inserted up the
women's cervix
4. hopefully the ovum is
fertilised and
pregnancy continues
as normal. The
difference between
AIH and AID is that…

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barren women are pitied, but considered unlucky and are not allowed in
religious ceremonies
Hindu's are allowed to divorce if women is infertile

If a woman cannot carry the foetus through pregnancy for example: because her
womb has had to be removed (hysterectomy) or she has a…

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Super race?
Happens at an early stages of pregnancy
Taken out, then replaced with a healthy one
For: Against:
Can prevent hereditary disease e.g. Have to conduct embryo experiments
diabetes, Parkinson's, H.I.V and they are destroyed
You can save lives, people have a lot of Bad karma- interrupting…

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Law of Karma decides which way the soul will go in the next life
Sage Charaka deals with internal medicine
Sage Gushruta includes features of organ and limb transplant
" is said that the soul is invisible...knowing this you should not grieve for the
body." Bhagavad Gita, Chapter2:25…

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Muslims believe that life is sacred because it is created by Allah. To Muslims
euthanasia means humans choosing to end their life on their own which is referred
to playing God. This is wrong because only Allah has the right to decide when a
person should die.…

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Prayopavesa, or fasting to death, is an acceptable way for a Hindu to end their life in
certain circumstances
Prayopavesa is very different from what people mean by suicide:
It is non-violent and uses unnatural means
Its only used when it's the right time for his life to…

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Nursing home Same as (residential), but with qualified
medical staff on site a all times
Adapt own homes As in (moving). You could arrange home
help e.g. care assistants, meals on
wheels, emergency cards
Sheltered accommodation A collection of flats/bungalows where
single/couples can move into specially
adapted housing…

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Provide places to pray
Religious leaders can come and visit to offer spiritual guidance

Religious Views on care for the elderly:
Hindu Views:
In Hinduism, Hindu's have to follow five religious duties; one of these duties is "Pitri
Yajna"- service and care of parents and the elderly,…

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Social reasons show that a majority of young people who end up in prison excluded
from school so they lack education and qualifications. Law breaking may give them an
adrenaline rush and a feeling of importance. A lot of abusive and violent parents break
homes and leave children…


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