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Religion and Animal rights
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How humans use animals?
The law still allows people to
squirt weed killer in a baby's
eyes, inject it with poison, grow
cancers on its back, burn its skin
off, expose it to radiation and
eventually kill it, in experiments.
As long as it is an animal.…read more

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Whale shows, horse racing ,circus
However some experiments are life changing vaccinations and
treatments. With progress we could hope to discover a cure for
Forests are destroyed for firewood
Animals being used for unnecessarily e.g.…read more

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Stewards Having charge or caring for grounds or animals
Sanctity of life the idea that human life is special sacred and
7…read more

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Animal Welfare Act 2006
It makes owners, keeper and scientists
responsible for ensuring that the welfare
needs of animals are met
1. For suitable living environment
2. Suitable diet
3. Exhibit normal behavioural patterns
4. To be housed with other animals (or
5. To be protected from pain, suffering,
injury and disease
Christianity and Animal Rights in 7 Points
1. Many people believe that animals don't have souls, meaning that
God created us as superior to them.…read more

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Animal Experimentations Process
10…read more


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