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Religious & Civil Ceremonies
Quaker Marriage
· the society of friends
· sit in a hall once a month in a circle
· they make declarations, not solemn promises so it is okay to get a divorce
· I take my friend (name) to be my lawful wedded husband/wife
Church Registry Office
· rings are exchanged as a symbol · rings are exchanged as a symbol
of marriage of marriage
· marriage vows which are solemn · promises are made to marry each
promises are made other
· couples declare their love and · no time limit or mention of love,
promise to be together till death nothing is unconditional
· in the eyes of God you become · in the eyes of the country they are
one as well as in the eyes of the one as they are legally made
country husband and wife
· often an elaborate affair · can be made very simple…read more

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Purpose Of Marriage
The Purpose of Marriage is:
· life long ­ until the day one of the partners die
· permanent ­ a bond which cannot be broken
· giving ­ nothing is held back and everything is given, spiritually mentally physically sexually
· exclusive ­ a relationship between the married couple only
· heterosexual ­ only between man and woman
· publically acknowledged ­ public sign of your love in front of family and friends
· procreation ­ having children together
Why get married Why not to get married Catholics Believe:
· to fulfil your dream wedding · it's a very big commitment · marriage is a sacrament: an
· to procreate · people change outward sign of an inward
· to have companionship · it is expensive grace
· stability and support · not important just paperwork · couples are married through
· please parents · relationship will get boring and in front of God which
· to make love · often fails creates an unbreakable bond
· complete sacraments · you don't ever really know · agape is the highest purest
· set an example your partner love, marriage demonstrates
· to show life long commitment this
· financial security · become closer to God
· to show love to your partner through this sacrament
· experience God's love
through our partner…read more

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Signs & Symbols
I (name) take you (name) to be my lawful wedded husband/wife to have and to hold from this
day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to
cherish till death do us part.
· wedding bouquet: fresh flowers Vows Explained:
held at womb to symbolize her · it is a solemn promise which you cannot break
untouched womb ready to accept · at that moment the marriage becomes a sacrament
a child through this unity · family and friends publically witness the couples
· white dress: symbolizes her promise
purity and virginity, a widow has a · the wedding will also be legal in the eyes of the country
new clean fresh beginning · be together through good and bad times
· ring: has no beginning or end, · stay with one another when it is difficult as well as easy
lifelong and eternal marriage · stick together when rich and poor
· wedding cake: sweet union of · an illness can strengthen or put strain on the
two people relationship
· father handing over bride's · love, care and have respect for one another
right hand: handing over the duty · marriage is for life and only God can separate it
and responsibility of caring and
loving to the groom…read more

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Divorce & Annulment
Catholic Church Divorce is when a marriage is
Marriage is an unbreakable bond legally ended in a law court.
made by God and only he can break Possible Reasons:
it when one dies. The couple vowed · different cultures
and promised God this on their · lack of trust
wedding day. If they get a divorce the · infidelity
Catholic Church won't recognise this · lack of romance
so if they were to go on to remarry or · domestic violence
have relationships, they will be · different interests
committing adultery. · economic factors
Church of England · boredom
They believe that marriage should be · infertility
for life and don't encourage divorce. · lack of communication
However they understand that
sometimes marriages do break down Annulment is when a marriage is deemed as never
and so they accept divorce as is it having taken place. You are able to re marry or be in a
sometimes necessary. Vicars can get relationship.
divorced and re marry in the church. Possible Reasons:
· being gay, bisexual, transsexual
Pentecostals, Quakers, Methodists, · refusing to procreate / not consummating the marriage
Evangelical and Baptists all accept · taking the vows under the influence of alcohol or drugs
divorce and re marriage stating that · mentally ill when the vows were taken
sometimes it is the only option. · force marriages…read more

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