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The name BIBLE come from which language and what does it mean?
The Greek language. It comes from the word 'Biblia. It literally means "Books"
1. Explain the meaning of the following terms relating to religion.
A person or institution i.e. The Church, that has the right or power to give orders and make others
Being influenced by a supernatural source i.e. The Holy Spirit.
To clarify, show or explain a meaning to make it clearer.…read more

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Good Angel ­ Gabriel. Bad Angel ­ Satan. Angel's are recognised in the Gospel of Mark.
This term is used to describe the 'followers of Jesus Christ'. It literally means 'someone who
learns' or a 'pupil'.
One in 4 books in the New Testament which describes the life and teachings of Jesus. They are
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Kingdom of God
The Kingdom of God can be heaven or eternal life with God.…read more

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Writings i.e. Psalms
1. How many Books are included in the New Testament?
27 books.
1. The New Testament is broken down into 4 divisions. Name these and give
some information on them.
I) 7.1 The Gospels
· There are 4 Gospels i.e. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
· The Gospel means 'Good News'
· The Gospels tell of the life and work of Jesus.
1.1 Acts of the Apostles
· Stories of early Christians. (history).
2.·.1.1. 7.…read more

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The Holy Spirit
1. Give an explanation/description of each of the Trinity:
The Father
Thinking of God as The Father helps Christians to remember God's love and how he cares for
The Son
The Son of God ­ Jesus. Belief in God the son helps Christians to remember that God knows
what it is like to be human. (Incarnation).
The Holy Spirit
· Christians believe that the Holy Spirit is present in the world. He is symbolic i.e.…read more

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It is a time for Christians to remember Jesus' death. It is called 'Good', because it is the day sin
was defeated. i.e. Jesus (who was without sin) died for our sins.
1. Where was the name 'Easter' taken from?
It is derived from the Old English word 'Eostre' which was a Pagan festival.
1. Why is Lent important in the Christian Calendar?
It is a time of sacrifice by Christians in preparation for Easter.
1.…read more

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Easter eggs are symbols of new life
· Chocolate is a symbol of celebration
1. When does the Pentecost take place?
· Pentecost is the name for the Jewish 'Festival of Weeks'
· It takes place 50 days after Pesach
· Pesach is Hebrew and means 'Feast of Passover'
· The Jews celebrate Pesach in remembrance of when Moses led the Children of
Israel out
of Egypt and to freedom.
· The story of Passover is told in the book of Exodus.
1.…read more

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What is the role of a Priest?
A Priest is authorised to perform the 'sacred rites' of religion i.e. Services.
Priests are 'ordained' by a Bishop to give 'Sacrament' i.e.
Practice (weekly prayers/preaching and guidance)
1. What is meant by a religious symbol?
A symbol represents what you believe in, i.e. the wearing of a cross or crucifix around your neck
is one symbol.
It unites people in their faith and belief. Think gangs/tribes etc. .....…read more

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Jesus Christ
1. Why is the lamb symbolic within the Christian faith?
· Historically the lamb has been used as a sacrificial offering
· The sacrificing of a lamb as an offering and the pouring of blood represented the 'freedom of sin'.
· Jesus was sacrificed to atone (make amends or reparation) for the sins of humanity.
· In the Old Testament (Exodus), the blood of the Paschal lamb protected the Israelites from the last
Plague.…read more

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Where can you find the account of the Nativity?
In the Gospels of Mark and Luke.
1. What is the meaning of Christmas to Christians?
Christmas is a Christian Holy Day that marks/celebrates the birth of Jesus, Son of God.
Jesus' birth, also known as the Nativity, is described in the New Testament of the Bible.
1. Describe how Christians celebrate Christmas?
People gather together as a 'church community' for Midnight Mass/Communion or morning family
service.…read more


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