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Places of Worship
Cathedra - seat of Bishop
Altar - holy table used in the Eucharist
Pulpit - place where someone preaches, Bible is read
and sermon is given.
Spire - the top of churches. It reminds Christians to
look up to God.
Square tower - some churches have square towers
instead of a spire.
Bell tower - bells ring at special times. Some churches
have bell towers instead.
Small chapels - usually for private prayer.…read more

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Stained glass windows ­ telling a story or belief.
It adds atmosphere to the church.
Cruciform ­ church in the shape of a cross
Baptistry ­ small pool for adults to be baptised.
Font ­ stone bowl containing water used for
infant baptism.
Confessionals ­ wooden constructions which
separates the person who is confessing and the
priest.…read more

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House Group
A group of Christians who meet in someone's
house on a regular basis.
They believe it's the people which is more
important, not the building.
There are no formal decorations or designs.
There may be decorations to do with
Christianity. E.g. a cross.
Everyone is equal. The leaders (priests,
bishops) mentioned in the Bible is just a
different way to contribute.…read more

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They don't celebrate the Eucharist because they
think Jesus just wanted them to share a meal and
love together.
There may be simple acts as hymns.
They believe worshipping this way extends the
Christian family.
Involves outdoor activity which makes others
more likely to join.…read more

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Community Hall ­ when there's no
church nearby, Christians come here.
When Christians don't have access to a church
they go to community halls.
Open to all denominations so we don't know
what it'll look like.
They aim to appeal to as many people as
Music is crucial to their worship.…read more

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