conflict over local resource-heathrow

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when was the debate initiated?
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how long did it take?
8 years
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how much did it cost?
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how many documents?
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what hectre was the construction?
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who were forthcoming with the plans?
BAA-British Airports Authority
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where was T5 supposed to be built?
redundant sewage works
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how much profit have they earned from this terminal?
£50 million
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who else was another interest group?
british airways
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what % passing through heathrow are business?
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what % increase of passangers was there to heathrow in 2013
70% - 80million
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which business routes rely on heathrow?
business routes from heathrow to bangalore
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what was the profit success of T5?
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who is the interest group on a wider level?
government who has a vested interest in reputation and money
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how much does tourism supply britain with a year?
£10 billion a year to the local economy
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how much less would prenium high-spenders spend without T5?
10 million fewer nights in britain
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who does heathrow need to compete with?
super-airports such as Frankfurt
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why hasnt the gov been satisfied?
recent interim report Jan 2014 shows despite extension, it isnt competing to adequate level
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what did boris johnson propose?
heathrow at capacity and wanted to extend to 3rd runway or lengthen existing one
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who was opposed?
local residents
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what do they fear?
negative cumilitative causation
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what angered them
increase in freight on the roads
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what did BAA propose to do to alleviate this issue?
add a new spur road off the M25 to ease the traffic
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what noise limit was there?
1994 noise limit
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how many new jobs?
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which environmental agencies opposed?
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what did their enquiry conclude?
built on green belt land, and the site was an 'inappropiate development'
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what % of emissions is aviation responsible for?
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what year is britain likely to exceed the EU carbon allowance?
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what measures did BAA take?
light responsive lighting, 50,000 new shrubs and recycled water
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what was destoryed?
a cherished tithebarn
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how long did it take?


8 years

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how much did it cost?


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how many documents?


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what hectre was the construction?


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