Causes Of Conflict

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  • Causes of conflict
    • Identity
      • Set of characteristics that make you who you are
      • Groups of different identities can lead to conflicts
      • Identity conflicts can be cause by nationalism, regionalism and localism.
        • Nationalism: Strong identity related to the country you're from.
        • Regionalism related to a regional identity
        • Localism: Local identity
    • Ethnicity
      • Part of identity
      • Doesn't have to be the same as your nationality
      • Ethnic conflict is between ethnic groups e.g. One group believing they are superior
    • Culture
      • How you live your life
      • Cultural differences can result in conflicts
    • Resources
      • Conflicts can occur when people are competing for the same resources, such as
        • Territory
        • Water
        • Buildings
        • Oil
    • Ideology
      • Set of ideas over how something should be
      • Groups with different ideologies can have different ideas that can result in conflicts


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