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Local Resources

- the majority of conflicts in the UK are due to building work

- here are some examples of conflicts over building work that have happened in the UK

  • Newbury Bypass
  • Heathrow terminal 5 and new runway
  • New container terminal at southampton

How can a solution be found?

market processes OR planning processes OR a combination of both

Market Processes

This is the ability to pay the going rates to take precedence over any local or national concerns.

Planning Processes

Local Authority planners are asked to listen to:

  • Local community
  • Organisation responsible for a proposal.
  • Overall development control
  • Any refusals can result in the case being taken further.

The right decision should always be made so that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of the idea, 


- newbury is in berkshire, close to the north wessex downs, links the south coast with the midlands, south of the M4

- newbury is a 'historic' town with its own civil parish, it has many old 'traditional' shops, with untouched wildlife and woodland nearby- basically your 'typical' old english town 

THE PROPOSAL: To build a new bypass to the west of Newbury to ease North / South moving traffic through the town. 


  • 50,600 vehicles use the road in a day.
  • 15% of them are heavy good vehicles.
  • Traffic congestion is common for most of the day.
  • Tourist traffic often increased the congestion in the summer.
  • Traffic travels via Newbury to the M4 which is 3 miles south of the town.
  • A new superstore added to the congestion in the area


  • Department of Transport for the Highways agency. This will improve the transport problems in the area.
  • Newbury Council had conducted a survey and found out that the bypass would reduce traffic by 36% and goods vehicles by 88%.
  • The AA wanted the bypass as it would reduce journey time for drivers.
  • Residents of Newbury – believed that the bypass would reduce the traffic congestion and air pollution in the town, with far fewer heavy vehicles, and that it would be safer to get work and move around the village.


  • The bypass would cut through woodland and National Trust land. This will involve cutting trees down. 
  • Damage to wildlife of the Rivers Lambourn and Kennett and their valleys.
  • Loss of farmland to the West of Newbury.
  • Increased risk of flooding where bridge structures cross.
  • Disturbance of archaeological sites as well as the first battle of Newbury.


-This group was created in protest to the building of the bypass.

-They argued against the Newbury bypass


  • Newbury bypass, protesters camp in…


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