List of case studies for; Tectonic plates, Weather and climate, Development and globalisation and Conflict.

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Topic Case Study Context
Tectonic Plates Yellowstone National Park Supervolcano
Tectonic Plates Rift Valley Tectonic plate theory
Tectonic Plates Mount Etna Volcano ­ tourism/ economic
Tectonic Plates Mount Pinatubo Volcano - LEDC
Tectonic Plates Eyafjallajokull Volcano ­ Economic
Tectonic Plates Mount Erebus Volcano ­ Environmental
Tectonic Plates Hawaii Hot spot
Tectonic Plates Indian Ocean Tsunami Tsunami LEDC
Tectonic Plates Port-Au-Prince Haiti Earthquake LEDC
Tectonic Plates L'Aquila ­ Italy Earthquake MEDC
Tectonic Plates Fukishima ­ Japan Earthquake MEDC
Weather and Climate Great Storm UK storm events
Weather and Climate Hurricane Katrina TRS MEDC
Weather and Climate Cyclone Nargis TRS LEDC
Weather and Climate Kyoto Protocol Climate change response
Weather and Climate Beijing Climate change response
Weather and Climate Kano Tropical climate
Weather and Climate Mumbai Tropical climate ­ monsoon
Weather and Climate London/ Kingston Climate change response
Development and Globalisation Coca-Cola TNC
Development and Globalisation Nike TNC
Development and Globalisation Disney TNC
Development and Globalisation China Developed country
Development and Globalisation Bangalore Service sector
Development and Globalisation Bangladesh LDC
Development and Globalisation Uganda LDC
Development and Globalisation China Economy vs sustainability
Development and Globalisation Posadas Amazonas Eco-tourism
Development and Globalisation Kasbah du Toubkal Eco-tourism
Development and Globalisation Cuba Eco-tourism
Development and Globalisation Uganda Trade vs Aid
Conflict Black Mountain Local resource
Conflict Heathrow T5 Local resource
Conflict South Ossetia and Abkhazia Separatism
Conflict Balkans Separatism
Conflict UK Separatism
Conflict Kurds Separatism
Conflict Israel and Palestine International conflict
Conflict Oldham Multiculturalism

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