Rights and Responsabilities C questions

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5.1:C: Explain why some Christians use the Bible for making moral descisions

  • The Bible is God's words
  • It contains the teaching of Jesus
  • It shows what Jesus would do in certain situations
  • The Church says to use the Bible when making moral descisions.

5.2:C: Explain why some Christians think the Church has authority

  • The Church is the body of Christ
  • Church leaders have been chosen by Jesus and approved by God
  • God is able to speak through the leaders
  • The Holy spirit is present in the Church.
  • Christ is called the head of the Church in the New testament so Church teachings come from Jesus

5.3:C: Explain the role of the conscience

  • It makes you feel guilty if you do something wrong
  • It helps a person make a decision
  • It encourages a person to do good
  • It reminds a person of their duties to other people
  • It's easy to use

5.4:C: Explain why some Christians do not agree with Situation Ethics

  • It might lead to evil acts being regarded as acceptable
  • The idea of 'love' could be difficult to apply if a person is personally involved
  • St.Paul says that humans are likely to be selfish and think about themselves not others
  • All religions have religious rules that are put in place for the well beingof their followers - humans may not understand 'love' and may get confused

5.5:C: Explain how Christians make moral decisions

  • Use Bible because it's God's word
  • Use Church because it is the Body of Christ and leaders have been chosen…


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