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Rights and Responsibilities
Key Words

Bible The holy book of Christians
The community of Christians
Church (with a small c it means Christian
place of worship)

Conscience An inner feeling of rightness and
wrongness of an action

The Decalogue The Ten Commandments
The ways in which all citizens
Democratic Processes…

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also the possibilities for future
Various basis's for making moral decisions used by Christian
Basis Why use this? Why some don't use this?

The Bible They believe God speaks Some Christians believe that
through the Bible the Bible was written by
The Bible records God's Humans inspired by God…

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Human rights in the United Kingdom

For Human Rights Against Human Why rights are Why some rights
Importance Rights Importance important to cause problems to
Christians Christians

Without human rights People abuse human They believe that all Problems arise when
such as the right to right laws, for example people…

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laws, and run have to do what the EU Goats (should help the are about policies and
organisations like the says homeless, sick and the two should not mix
NHS, and people hungry.) The story of
should have a say in Cain and Able (tells
how this is done Christians…

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Miss KHP


This is a really lovely resource that I recommend you use, especially if you are doing the Edexcel GCSE in RE.

It goes through Christian views of issues such as human rights and genetic engineering. Therefore, it is useful for other exam boards too that involve ethics. Always check your specification first though.

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