3.1.6: How Catholics respond to scientific explanations of the world.

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How Catholics respond to scientific explanations o

- Only God could have created the Big Bang Theory at exactly the right microsecond to form the universe.

- only God could have made laws such as gravity which the matter of the Big bang needed to form solar systems.

- only God could have made the gases on earth react in such a way to form life.

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response 2:

- Some Catholics believe that both the scientific explantions&the Bible are correct.

- main points of the Bible's story of creation fits with science, but 1of God's day could be billions of years ago.

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evaluation questions:

- If God existed, he would be the only explanation of the world. therefore the fact that science can explain the world&humans without God is proof that God does not exist.

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big bang theory:

- The big bang was an accident&there is no evidence that it was caused by God.

- An omnipotent&omnscient God would not have created the world in such a wasteful way with species developing&dying out over billions of years just so humans would arrive.

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