Religious Studies

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  • Religious Studies
    • Religion and Morality
      • Elderly and Death
        • The Concepts of the Sanctity and Quality of Life
        • The Role of the Family and Community in Caring for the Elderly and the Nature of Individual and Corporate Responsibility, Including the work of homes for the Elderly, Hospitals and Hospices
        • The Law Concerning Death and Euthanasia
        • The use of Life support Machines to Sustain life and the Problems Associated with making Decisions about Whether to Continue life by Artificial Means or Whether and under what Circumstances a Machine should be Switched off and a life Terminated
        • The Problems Associated with a Definition of Death and the Significance of the Heart and the Brain Together
        • The Issue of the Right to Self-Determination in Relation to Euthanasia
        • The Distinction Between Active and Passive Euthanasia and the Contemporary Debate about Euthanasia
        • The Comfort Given by Religions to the Dying and the Mourning and Beliefs about life after Death.
        • Senior Citizenship, Including Rxperience, Retirement, Role within the Family, Ageism, Finance and Health
      • Drug Abuse
        • The Religious Beliefs and Teaching Concerning the Mind and Body and Rights and Responsibilities
        • Religious Attitudes to the use of Drugs, Including Medically Prescribed, Legal and Illegal Drugs
        • Legally Accepted Drugs and their Effects, Including Caffeine, Alcohol, Tobacco
        • The use of the Taxes Raised on Alcohol and Tobacco for Medical Research and Treatment
        • The Reasons why Illegal Drugs may be Taken; Physical, Mental, and Social Consequences of Taking Drugs for Social and Recreational Purposes
        • Issues Concerning Obtaining Drugs and the Effects on other People
        • The Law and Drugs, Including the Debate about the Classification and Legal status of Different Drugs
        • The Effectiveness of Methods Aimed at Reducing Drug Abuse and Rehabilitating Users
      • Crime and Punishment
        • An Understanding of the Religious Beliefs about Law and Order
        • Concepts of Right and Wrong, Conscience, Duty and Responsibility
        • The Debate About the Causes of Crime Including Social, Environmental and Psychological Explanations
        • The Different Types of Crimes, Including Against the Person, Property, the State and Religious Offences
        • The Aims of Punishment, Defined as Protection, Retribution, Deterrence, Reformation, Vindication and Reparation
        • The Appropriateness of Different Forms of Punishment in Achieving the Aims of Punishment, 
          • The Handling of Young Offenders
          • The Effects of Imprisonment
          • The Meaning and Implications of Life Imprisonment
          • Issues Arising out of Parole and Early Release
          • The Debate about the Death Penalty
        • Alternatives to Prison, Including Electronic Tagging, Probation, Fines and Community Service and the Debate about Prison Reform
      • Rich and Poor
        • Religious attitudes towards the rich and the poor
        • Religious attitudes towards the responsible use of money
        • The possible causes and sources of wealth, including business and enterprise, gifts and inheritance, earnings and savings
        • The possible causes of poverty
          • Homelessness
          • Laziness
          • Apathy
          • Gambling
          • Lack of education
          • Family situation
          • Dependency
          • Illness
        • Ways of overcoming poverty: what is being done to help people break out of the poverty trap, including counseling, training, education, fund raising and the work of charities and religious organizations
        • Issues such as the minimum wage and excessive salaries
        • The debate about who is responsible for the poor and what they should do to care for the poor, including the roles of the state, the community and the family
        • The role of the lotteries as a source of charity funding and personal wealth; whether or not it is right to take part
    • Religious Philosophy and Ultimate Questions
      • Existence of God
      • Revalation
      • The Problem of Evil and Suffering
      • Immortality
      • Miracles
      • Science and Religion


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