Religion and Society Revision Guide - Rights and Responsibilities

Full revision guide for the rights and responsibilities section of the Religion and Society module, EDEXCEL syllabus.

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Rights and Responsibilities
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How Christians Make Moral Decisions
You will need to understand the effects of, and give reasons for your
opinion about:
Why some Christians use only the bible as a basis for making moral
the authority of the church for Christians and why some Christians use only
the church's teachings as a basis for making moral decisions
the role of conscience and why some Christians believe that conscience is
the most important guide in making moral decisions
why some Christians use a variety of authorities in making moral decisions
Religion and human rights
You will need to understand the effects of, and give reasons for your own
opinion about:
Human rights in the UK
Why human right are important for Christians
Why is it important to take part in diplomatic and electoral processes
Christian teaching on moral duties and responsibilities
Religion and Genetic Engineering
You will need to understand the effects of, and give reasons for your own
opinion about:
Then nature of genetic engineering, including cloning
Different Christian attitudes to genetic engineering and cloning
s and

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Why some `The doctrinal standards of Summary
Christians the Methodist church are Some Christians would use only the Bible when making moral
use only based upon the divine decisions because they believe that God speaks through the
the bible revelation recorded in the Bible. The bible records God's teaching on how to behave and
as a basis holy scriptures which watch Jesus taught about the morality.…read more

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What the Churches Key Words
Say ­ 3rd Edition Church ­ A community of Christians (When it has a small c, it
means a Christian place of worship)
The role Pray for us. We are sure Summary
of that we have a clear Conscience is the inner feeling that makes people think
conscience conscience and desire to something I right or wrong.…read more

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Situation One of the teachers of Summary
ethics and the law came and Situation ethics is the ideas that only the moral rule Christians
why some heard them debating. need is love your neighbour. Christians who follows this believe
Christians Noticing that Jesus had that all they need to do when faced with a moral decision is work
use only given them a good out what is the most loving to do on that situation.…read more

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Human Forced labour in the UK Summary
rights in today Citizens of the UK have certain basic rights, such as the right to
the UK and Timberland Homes, life, the right to liberty, the right for a fair trial, the right to
why they Recruitment which has freedom of conscience and religion, the right the marry and start
are harvested over a family, the right to a basic education, the right to take part in
important. 1.3billion bunches of free elections.…read more

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Not be tortured
Freedom of slavery and forced labour
A fair trial
Not to be punished for something that wasn't a crime when
they did it
Own property
An education
Participate in free election.
Bible The holy book of Christians containing 66 sections.
Decal The ten commandments.
churc The Christian place of worship.
Chur The community of Christians.
Cons The inner feeling of righteousness or wrongness of
cienc an action.…read more

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Politi A group that tries to be elected into power based
cal on it's policies (e.g., Labour, conservatives)
Elect The way in which voting is organized.
Press A group formed to influence government policy on a
ure particular issue.
Gold The teaching of Jesus that you should treat others
en as you should be treated.
The way in which society has changed and is
changing (and also the possibilities for future
change).…read more

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Democratic processes: the ways in which all citizens can take part
church. Their in government (usually through elections).
adherence to a political Electoral processes: the ways in which voting is organised.
alliance will never be Political party: a group which tries to be elected into power on its
ideological but always policies (for example labour or conservative).
critical. Pressure group: a group formed to influence government policy on
Pontifical Council a particular issue.…read more

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Extra info
thousands of people in Most genetic research has been based on:
the UK. Simon Germ line gene therapy which enables genetic changes to
Denegri, Chief be made to cells that transmit information through
Executive of the generations. This enables the change to be permanent.
Association of Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) which takes away
Medical Research defective genes from embryos so women at risk of
Charities, speaking producing babies with genetic diseases produce healthy
to the Times, 2008. babies.…read more

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Different `When you enter a Summary
attitudes town, and are Some Christians allow all genetic research, as long as it is to find a
to genetic welcomed, eat what is cure for genetic diseases, because Jesus was a healer.
engineerin set before you. Heal Some Christians allow genetic research which does not involve the
g and the sick who are there destruction of embryos, which they believe to be human life.…read more


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