Edexcel Religion and Society (Unit 8) Revision guide

Edexcel Religion and Society (Unit 8) Revision guide

very good for revision and very easy to use.

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Religious Studies Revision
Unit 8 Religion and
This will be the second examination you sit for your Religious
Studies GCSE.
It covers:
1. Religion: Rights & Responsibilities
2. Religion: Environment & Medical Issues
3. Religion: Peace and Conflict
4. Religion: Crime and Punishment

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Key Words
Bible the holy book of Christians
Church the community of Christians (with a small c it means a Christian place
of worship)
conscience an inner feeling of the rightness or wrongness of an action
the Decalogue the Ten Commandments
democratic processes the ways in which all citizens can take part in
government (usually through elections)
electoral processes the ways in which voting is organised
the Golden Rule the teaching of Jesus that you should treat others as…read more

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The Bible: you need to know "why some Christians use only the Bible as a basis for
making moral decisions"
A moral decision is where a person has to decide on the "right" thing
to do. It is about whether an action is "good" or "bad" ­ whether
you "should" do something or not.…read more

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Church: you need to know "the authority of the Church for Christians and why some
Christians use only the Church's teachings as a basis for making moral decisions"
Catholic Christians (and others) think the Church should be used
alongside the Bible to make Moral Decisions.…read more

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Situation Ethics: you need to know "Situation Ethics and why some Christians use
only Situation Ethics as a guide for making moral decisions"
This is a modern, more flexible approach to morality, invented by Joseph
Fletcher in the 1960s. He said each situation is different & you need to decide
what the most loving thing to do is in that situation.
Why do some Christians use Situation ethics?
It is based on Jesus' summary of the law.…read more

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Human Rights in the UK"
The 1998 Human Rights Act says that British citizens have a wide range of
basic rights including:
right to life
right to liberty
right to a fair trial
right to freedom of conscience & religion
right to marry & have a family life
right to education
right to take part in free elections
We should all be treated fairly & equally.…read more

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Politics: You need to know "Why it is important to take part in democratic and
electoral processes"
Democratic Processes are about everyone in the country playing a fair part
in the decision-making process of government. This is usually done through
Electoral Processes ­ that is, voting in elections.…read more

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Bible Teachings: "Christian teachings on Moral Duties and Responsibilities:
the Golden Rule (Mtth 7:12); the Parable of the sheep and the Goats (Mtth
25:31-46); Am I my brother's keeper? (Gen 4:1-10; I Jn 3:11-18)
Christians believe they should bring about social change for the better because
of 3 Bible teachings:
1. Jesus said Treat others like you would like to be treated. (Golden Rule)
2. The Parable of the Sheep & the Goats says Christians should help the
sick, homeless, hungry & prisoners
3.…read more

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Genetic Engineering: You need to know "The nature of Genetic Engineering,
including Cloning"
Genetic Engineering means finding which human genes cause diseases & then
trying to change these genes (often by cloning) so that these diseases do not
happen in future.…read more

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Christians and Genetic Engineering: "Different attitudes to genetic
engineering and cloning in Christianity and the reasons for them"
Liberal Protestants think GE is a good thing as long as it aims to cure diseases
rather than produce "perfect humans":
Jesus used all his powers to cure diseases and so should we
God wants us to find out as much as we can about His creation
Creating cells is not like creating people
Only very young embryos can be used & these (they say) don't count…read more



-This resource contains everything needed for Unit 8 without the use of a text book 5/5


This resource is the best you are going to find - It covers all of UNIT 8 without the use of any other book/guide/textbook. I would definitely recommend this to all - 10/10

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