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Religious Studies Revision

Unit 8 Religion and

This will be the second examination you sit for your Religious
Studies GCSE.
It covers:
1. Religion: Rights & Responsibilities
2. Religion: Environment & Medical Issues
3. Religion: Peace and Conflict
4. Religion: Crime and Punishment


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Key Words

Bible the holy book of Christians

Church the community of Christians (with a small c it means a Christian place
of worship)

conscience an inner feeling of the rightness or wrongness of an action

the Decalogue the Ten Commandments

democratic processes the…

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The Bible: you need to know "why some Christians use only the Bible as a basis for
making moral decisions"

A moral decision is where a person has to decide on the "right" thing
to do. It is about whether an action is "good" or "bad" ­ whether
you "should"…

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Church: you need to know "the authority of the Church for Christians and why some
Christians use only the Church's teachings as a basis for making moral decisions"

Catholic Christians (and others) think the Church should be used
alongside the Bible to make Moral Decisions.
The Church means the Christian…

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Situation Ethics: you need to know "Situation Ethics and why some Christians use
only Situation Ethics as a guide for making moral decisions"

This is a modern, more flexible approach to morality, invented by Joseph
Fletcher in the 1960s. He said each situation is different & you need to decide…

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"Human Rights in the UK"

The 1998 Human Rights Act says that British citizens have a wide range of
basic rights including:
right to life
right to liberty
right to a fair trial
right to freedom of conscience & religion
right to marry & have a family life
right to…

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Politics: You need to know "Why it is important to take part in democratic and
electoral processes"

Democratic Processes are about everyone in the country playing a fair part
in the decision-making process of government. This is usually done through
Electoral Processes ­ that is, voting in elections.

This is…

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3 Bible Teachings: "Christian teachings on Moral Duties and Responsibilities:
the Golden Rule (Mtth 7:12); the Parable of the sheep and the Goats (Mtth
25:31-46); Am I my brother's keeper? (Gen 4:1-10; I Jn 3:11-18)

Christians believe they should bring about social change for the better because
of 3 Bible…

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Genetic Engineering: You need to know "The nature of Genetic Engineering,
including Cloning"

Genetic Engineering means finding which human genes cause diseases & then
trying to change these genes (often by cloning) so that these diseases do not
happen in future.

Non-religious arguments in favour of Genetic Engineering:
Offers cures…

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Christians and Genetic Engineering: "Different attitudes to genetic
engineering and cloning in Christianity and the reasons for them"

Liberal Protestants think GE is a good thing as long as it aims to cure diseases
rather than produce "perfect humans":
Jesus used all his powers to cure diseases and so should…




-This resource contains everything needed for Unit 8 without the use of a text book 5/5



This resource is the best you are going to find - It covers all of UNIT 8 without the use of any other book/guide/textbook. I would definitely recommend this to all - 10/10



thank u for this, it really helped with my revision for my mocks

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