chapter 4:equality

define human rights
the basic rights & freedom that all human beings are entitled to
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name 3 human rights
prohibition of discrimination, freedom of expression, right to liberty and security
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link one christian teaching to any human right
prohibition of discrimination-'love your neighbour as yourself' right to life- you shall not murder right to liberty and security- 'give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven'
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what is situational ethics?
in any situation you should do the most loving thing
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how do Christians respond to non-religious arguments about human rights
human rights important to all and many Christians would affirm good work by other groups. Main difference come from the reason for going god-CVhristians do gods work
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use a christian teaching to explain a Christians view on equality
they believe that everyone is equal in gods eyes. 'there is neither gentile nor jew, neither slave nor free, nor is there male or female for you are all one in Christ Jesus'
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why does inequality happen?
happens when decisions are made about others without necessarily taking all the facts into account
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what problems does inequality cause?
resentment and injustice-can lead to conflict on a local or national level
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what are the solutions to help inequality and how would they help?
equality act 2010-makes it illegal to treat men and women differently promote good community relations
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explain how christian teachings respond to religious freedom? use source of wisdom
christian accept religious freedom as god gives everyone the right to choose their religion, or have none 'the right to exercise freedom,especially religious... is an inalienable requirement'.
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what is the churches response to a multi-faith society?
interfaith network- promote good relationships between faiths individual churches have local links with other faith groups
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benefits to living in a multi faith society
help promote peaceful living together. Promote friendships and reduce prejudice
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challenges to living in a multi faith society
can make them question their own faith and become more open to different issues
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christian response to non-religious arguments against aspects of religious freedom
question missionary work and evangelical work. Sharing gospel is a core belief of the christian faith and fall iin the bounds of freedom of expression.-they believe its the right of the listener to accept or not
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difference between prejudice and discrimination
prejudice- belief that certain people are superior then others Discrimination- when people act upon those beliefs
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explain how christian teachings respond to prejudice& discrimination. use source of wisdom
believe all people should be treated equally this is demonstrated through charity work
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problems caused by prejudice and discrimination
prejudice can lead to discrimination. discrimaination can lead to anger, resentment conflict and feelings of unhappiness
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what is racial harmony
the situation where people from different races and cultures live together amicably
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how christian teachings respond to racial harmony. use sources of wisdom
would support it because bible teaches:'god created man in his own image'
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2 Christians who worked to help improve racial harmony and how?
Desmond tutu- supported peaceful protests against the apartheid. campaigned for black people. Martin Luther king- the 'I had a dream' speech
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benefits of living in a multi ethnic society
opportunity to get to know different race and cultures . meet new people with fresh ideas. enjoying the richness of other cultures
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how christian teachings respond to racial discrimination. use source of wisdom
Christians would oppose racial discrimination because jesus attitude to all humanity was one of love. Parable of the good Samaritan. jesus taught that people from different races and ethnic groups should not hate others, but should follow god's and
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how and why racial discrimination causes problems in society
occurs- racist employers not giving job, racist remarks and racist landlords. can lead to personal grievances, civil unrest leading to more hatred goes against christian beliefs eg:'you are all one in Christ'
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how christian teachings respond to distribution of wealth and opportunity in the uk and rest of the world
UK's richest 1% have more then poorest 55% together. richest 1% of world own 48% of world wealth. bible addresses poor stating how to care for poor people.-'blessed are you who are poor,for yours is the kingdom of god'
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explain christian teachings about social justice. use source of wisdom
believe that god wants people to help the most vulnerable and christian should approach social justice with a special sense of importance.'love one another. As i have loved you'
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how does the church work for social justice?
church action for poverty-'end hunger fast' campaign raised awareness of hunger crisis. Salvation army-provides shelter, help and advice for needy people
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how church works for social justice? reference to situational ethics
suggests Christians could break the law if it was the most loving thing. some would state that Matthew 25 say they should help the needy and breaking the law to do it is okay
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what is absolute poverty?
severe lack of basis human necessities
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what is relative poverty?
being significantly worse off then the majority of the population
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how christian teachings respond to causes of poverty in UK and rest of the world, including absolute and relative peverty.
causes in UK are low pay, unemployment, lack of education, social background, homelessness. around world- climate, famine, disease, lack of clean water, corruption, natural disasters
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what do christians teach about wealth and poverty? use biblical examples
'golden rule'-do to others what you would want them to do to you. Jesus stats that helping the poor is one of the most important things you can do. 'keep your lives free from the love of money'
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explain virtue ethics
states that following the bible means you are doing the right thing, if you are merely obeying commands are you a good christian? It suggests that the morality of a person should match their actions.
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name 3 human rights


prohibition of discrimination, freedom of expression, right to liberty and security

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link one christian teaching to any human right


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what is situational ethics?


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how do Christians respond to non-religious arguments about human rights


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