evil and suffering

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  • problem of evil and suffering
    • moral suffering
      • suffering caused by actions done by humans
      • example is war
      • "you shall not murder" ten commandments
    • natural suffering
      • suffering caused by nature and has nothing to do with humans
      • example is tornadoes
    • why might this cause people to reject god?
      • god is omnipotent - he must be able to remove evil
      • god is omnibenevolent - he must want to remove evil
      • god is omniscient - he should have created the universe to avoid evil
    • biblical responses
      • don't worry because humans can't understand god's reasons
      • god is so great humans have no right to question him
    • theoretical responses
      • it isnt gods fault and he couldnt create people 100% good so he cant control people's decsions
      • life is a preparation for paradise
        • vale of soulmaking - god created the world as a place for people to develop their souls
    • practical responses
      • pray for those who suffer
      • offering practical help for those who suffer


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