Religion and Society - Should you listen to your conscience?

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What is your conscience?

Everybody, whether religious or not, knows instinctively when they have done something wrong, and usually they feel guilty; this is their conscience. Our conscience is an inner feeling that seems to know instinctively what is right and wrong about an action, whether we like what it's telling us or not!  Our conscience doesn't make us do anything, it merely informs us on what we feel is the right or wrong decision. As humans, we are free to choose how we act.

Where does conscience come from?

Christians believe that our conscience is an inner part given to us by God as guidance. Some interpret the conscience as the voice of the Holy Spirit, leading them forwards in doing the right thing. For these Christians, the conscience is the most important guide anyone can have when it comes to making moral decisions. 

How reliable a guide is conscience?

Some Christians…


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