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UNIT 3 Community Cohesion and
Believing in God
Community Cohesion
Role of Women
How has the role of women changed?
1. Women can now vote (1923)
2. Women can now join the army
3. Equal pay (Equal pay act 1970)
4. Women can stand as MPs
Why has the role of women changed?
1. Changes in the law
2. World war 2
3. Pressure groups ­ Suffragette movement
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Ethnic minorities are employed in government
4. Race relations act made it illegal to discriminate because of race etc.
How does the government help promote community cohesion? (Same as above)
1. Financially supports groups working for CC
2. Ensuring that all main political parties oppose of racism in any form
3. Establishing the equality and human rights commission
4. Appointing cabinet ministers from ethnic minorities
Why does the Government help promote racial harmony?
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Christian attitudes towards cohesion
Christians care about cohesion because:
1. "Love thy neighbour"
2. The Golden Rule
3. They believe we're all made in the image of God
4. The parable of the good Samaritan
Interfaith marriage benefits society because:
1. It educates people about other people's religions
2. Children have the opportunity to experience two different religions during childhood
3. Society will become more integrated
4. It will create diversity among the population
It however has problems as:
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They believe this because of the quote:
"Go on then, to all people everywhere and make them my disciples"
Exclusivists believe that:
Christianity is the only way to God
All other religions won't get you to God
They believe this because of the quote:
"I'm the way the truth and the life; no one goes to the father except through me"
Pluralists believe that:
All religions will lead to God
People are free to choose which religion is right for them
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Answered prayer makes you think God was listening
4. No other explanation
The design argument ­ St. Thomas Aquinas
How should a design paragraph be structured?
1. X shows evidence of design
2. Give evidence of design
3. Any rationale being would conclude it has a designer
4. The world also shows evidence of design
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What caused God ­ If everything needs a cause what created God?
2. Infinity ­ Makes no sense to compare the universe if it has no start or end
3. Any God? ­ The conclusion doesn't need to be the Christian God it could be any
4. Science offers alternative explanations such as the big bang
Scientific explanations
Evidence for the big bang is:
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Unanswered prayer leads to atheism as:
1. It questions God's Omnipotence
2. It questions God's Omnipresence
3. It questions God's Omni benevolence
4. It questions God's omniscience
Catholics respond by:
1. God won't answer a prayer if it is selfish
2. Prayers aren't always answered in the way you'd expect
3. You must trust God has a plan for you
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Some Christians say that the Church is also needed to act as an authority
Why is conscience used to make moral decisions?
1. Some Christians believe that it is God speaking directly to us
2. St. Paul said that we should use it
3. The Church said we should use it
4. No interference from the Church
1. People have done terrible things and said their conscience told them to do it
2. If conscience is from God, why don't we all agree?
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The golden rule means freedom of religion protects Christians from persecution
2. Life is holy and belongs to God
3. We're all made in the image of God, everyone is equal in God's eyes
4. Makes sure all God's children have equal opportunities
But don't support as:
1. The right to support a family contradicts Christian beliefs about same sex marriage and
premarital sex
2. Rights can't be upheld when it comes to women priests
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