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Peace&Conflict (Just War)


  • Jesus never told soldiers they were wrong
  • St Paul - "Chritains MUST obey government"
  • Jesus - "Give to Ceasar what is Ceasar's" --> Obey government
  • Fifth commandment = "Do not kill"


  • Talmud = war must be fought if it is Milchemet Mitzvah (a war that must be fought)
  • Tenakh = accounts of wars where God has been involved --> War = good
  • Should fight in wars due to Holocaust
  • Nature of modern warfare = no war can be just
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Peace&Conflict (Forgiveness&Reconciliation)


  • Jesus died on cross for reconciliation
  • Jesus - "If you do not forgive those who have sinned against you, God will not forgive your sins"
  • St Paul - "Christians should try to live in peace with everyone"
  • Churches = Christians should use forgiveness and reconciliation to end conflicts


  • Tenakh ecourages people to forgive
  • Rabbi's encourage people to forgive
  • Judaism = God forgives those who forgive others
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Environmental&Medical Issues (Environment 1)

Global Warming (the increase in the Earth's temperature):

  • Temperatures will rise causing sea levels to rise so coastal areas like Southend will disappear
  • Global warming is necessary to live as without it Earth would be to cold to live on

Human Waste (waste caused by humans e.g. litter - recycling):

  • Acid Rain: pollutants like coal make rain more acidic - renewable energy (wind)
  • Eutrophication: chemicals get into rivers so fish die - increase organic farming
  • Radioactive - giving out harmful radiation e.g. Nuclear power stations - geological disposal (buring waste deep under rocks)
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Environmental&Medical Issues (Environment 2)


  • Old testament = treat animals humanely
  • Sermon on the Mount = Jesus taught should share Earth's resources
  • Judgement day = Christians judged on whether they have been stewards


  • Tenakh and Talmud = stewardship is sharing resources
  • Torah = reduce pollution
  • God cretaed world = must be protected
  • Life is test on how well they have followed mitzvot (mitzvot to be good stewards)
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Environmental&Medical Issues (Medical 1)


  • Body not needed after death = soul is immortal so physical body is not used
  • Jesus = "Treat others as you would like to be treated"
  • Usurping role God = only God can give/take life
  • Sanctity of life = save life of accident victim or use their organs for a transplant


  • God wants people to use medical technology to save lives
  • Mitzvot - "Love thy neighbour" = donate organs
  • Organs created by God = intrinsic to an individual
  • New organs may affect someone's Jewishness (Judaism = blood religion)
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Environmental&Medical Issues (Medical 2)


  • Bible = only God can give/take life - cannot usurp God
  • God = encourages use of technology
  • Experimenting with life is dangerous = sin and child is aborted
  • Expliting poor (treatment = £4000) = treat others as you would like to be treated
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Rights&Responsibilities (Moral Decisions 1)


  • St Thomas Aquinas and St Paul - "Conscience = Voice of God"
  • Could just be listening to own opinion e.g. Yorkshire Killer

Situation Ethics:

  • Abortion in Bible is wrong = if 12 year old was problem, abortion needed
  • Religion on love and forgiveness


  • Body of Christ = same authority
  • God speaks through Chuch
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Rights&Responsibilities (Moral Decisions 2)


  • Ten Commandments = clear moral guidance
  • Word of God = absolute authority

Variety of Methods:

  • Bible not up to date
  • Conscience and situation ethics can be opinionated
  • Church can be opinionated e.g. Westboro Baptist Church
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Rights&Responsibilities (Human Rights)


  • Right to life = basic Christian belief, life belongs to God, sanctity of life
  • All made by God = one human family, teachings of equality and dignity are taught in Bible and Church
  • Freedom of expression = essential to being Christian e.g. festivals like Easter
  • Right to not be discriminated against = e.g. employers must not discriminate against Christians because they are non-religious
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Crime&Punishment (Justice)


  • Bible - "God is just" = rewards righteous and punishes sinners
  • Churches make statements about them - instilling fairness across world
  • Jesus - "Treat others fairly" (New Testament)
  • Vancover 1984 - Christian communities engaged in process of "justice, peace and integrity"


  • God is just and created world as a place of justice
  • Torah - "God is a god of justice" (Torah word of God - true)
  • Tenakh and Responsa - "People must be treated fairly"
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Crime&Punishment (Capital Punishment 1)


  • Acts as a deterrent
  • Murderers are a threat to society
  • Wrong judgement - killed innocent person
  • Life sentence is worse than death sentence


  • Bibles agrees with death penalty for some crimes - God approves
  • Thomas Aquinas said that peace in society is more important than reform for sinners
  • Only God can give and take life
  • Jesus came to save sinners (cannot reform if dead)
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Crime&Punishment (Capital Punishment 2)


  • Torah says it can be used sometimes
  • Basis of Jewish punishment = society protcetion
  • Torah needs updating
  • Mahnah said that a Bet Din that executed a person once is 70 years was destructive
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Crime&Punishment (Theories of Punishment 1)


  • Victims suffer so criminals should
  • Punishment - suffering for their actions
  • Criminals pay for crime by severity (eye for an eye)


  • Will not commit crime if punishment outweighs the reward of crime


  • Some criminals come from bad backgrounds (can give them a chance to live without crime)
  • Can rehabilitate - get a job and no longer commit crimes
  • Retribution will just lead to anger
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Crime&Punishment (Theories of Punishment 2)


  • Capital punishment = can't threaten people
  • Long prison time = out of society
  • Community service = keeps them off the streets in their leisure time
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Crime&Punishment (Drugs&Alcohol 1)

Health Problems:

  • Tobacco = lower fertility (male), risk of dementia
  • Alcohol = liver problems, addiction
  • Drugs = liver problems, injections through dirty needles -  problems

Social Problems:

  • Tobacco = smells of smoke, family see them slowly deteriorate
  • Alcohol = 50% of sex abusers also abuse alcohol, many more crimes/anti-social behaviour
  • Drugs = financial issues, violent in use
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Crime&Punishment (Drugs&Alcohol 2)


  • Moderation = (John) Jesus turned water into alcohol (wine), some churches use alcohol during services as Jesus' blood
  • Abstinence = lots of drunkennes - incest relationship with daughter (Genersis), Noah brought shame to his family with alcohol


  • Moderation = Tenakh praises wine as it gladdens the human heart, wine required in some practices e.g. Kiddush
  • Abstinence = Drugs - less concentration to pray and fulfill mitzvot, parents may be distressed by behaviour so it is not honouring your parents
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