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Bible the holy book of
Christians, with 66 books split into the
Old Testament and
the New testament.

Church the community of Christians (with a
small c, it means a Christian place of worship).

Conscience an inner feeling of
the rightness or wrongness of an

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use what Church leaders or their priest/minister say about it
use what they feel is the right thing to do (their conscience)
work out what is the most loving thing to do (situation ethics).

The United Kingdom has a national government in charge of things for the whole country, such…

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The Welfare State

The Welfare State is the system that helps everyone to have a good quality of life by providing things like
schools, the National Health Service and Social Security.

Main Facts
The Welfare State was developed during the 1940s to remove the evil giants of want, disease, ignorance,…

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The proper use of resources
Some scientists think that the problem of resources can be solved if they are recycled and/or used more
efficiently to give a longer life to the resources. Scientists are also looking for different resources, e.g.
using sugar cane instead of oil to run cars, using…

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made Adam as his khalifah to look after the earth for God by following the Shari'ah, which sets out how
Muslims should care for the environment. Muslims believe that this life is a test from God and that they will
be judged on their performance in the test on the…

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Muslims believe that animals can be used for medical experiments and should be used for food. However,
they also believe that humans should not be cruel to animals and that farmers should care for their
animals humanely.

They believe this because:

God gave humans the right to control…

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Nuclear weapons
Weapons based on atomic fission or fusion.

Other weapons of mass destruction
Nonnuclear weapons that can destroy large areas and/or large numbers of people, e.g. chemical

World peace
The basic aim of the United Nations to remove the causes of war.

Conflict in the world today means…

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believe, though that war must be a last resort when all other options to solve the problem have been tried
and that the war must be fought in a just way so that the minimum amount of suffering is caused and
innocent civilians are not involved.

Muslims believe that this…

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jealousy of success, e.g. when a friend wins the lottery or a relative is given a very good job
parents refusing to accept their children's choice of partner
disagreements among children over the care of aged parents
disagreements over the content of wills
disagreements over moral issues.
Religion says that…

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Law rules made by Parliament and enforceable by the courts.

Justice due allocation of reward and punishment, the maintenance of that which is `right'.

Dropping the wrapper from your chocolate bar is a crime. Refusing to share your chocolate bar with a
starving person is a sin.

Main Facts


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