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Unit 1 - Rights and
By Aimee…read more

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Making moral decisions
· Christians believe God is the ultimate
source of good.
· So they obey God's teachings thorough
the Bible and the Church.
· There are four ways in which Christians
make their moral decisions.…read more

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1. Bible
· The Christian holy book called the Bible
contains 66 books, 39 in the old and 27 in the
· Old testament contains the Decalogue and the
Torah (laws of Moses).
· The New Testament includes the life of Jesus
which some Christians believe is God in
human form.…read more

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Christians believe the Bible is the authentic word of
God and great care has been taken to preserve the
words or meanings of the Bible.
· Some believe the Bible is the word of God whilst
others believe he inspired the authors who wrote it.
· All Christians believe that God and Jesus are at the
heart of the Bible.
· But not all Christians understand the Bible in the same
· E.g. Fundamentalists believe that the Bible is
completely inspired by God and contains no errors
whilst Liberal Protestants believe that the Bible needs
to be updated as when it was written, it was regarding
the situations in that age.…read more

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