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RE Revision Notes
Sarah Slingsby…read more

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Section One ­ Rights and Responsibilities
· MORALS: What it right and what is wrong
A persons idea of a moral truth is what
they believe to be right and wrong.
Different people have different views
on what is right and wrong though.
Christian look for moral guidance in:
the Bible, from the Church, their
conscience and situation ethics.…read more

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THE BIBLE: The Christian moral Guidebook
Christians believe that the bible is their moral
guidebook from God and use it to form beliefs
and guide actions. It is the example of Godly
living. It can be interpreted differently by different
· Fundamentalists: believe the bible is the direct
word from God and their judgements are
based totally on the bible.
· Conservative: believe the bible was inspired by
God, they use it by getting some guidance and
advise but then looking to other places for
further help.…read more

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THE 10 COMMANDMENTS: show respect!
The 10 commandments
were given to us by God to
teach us how to show each
other respect: To God and
other people!…read more

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CHURCH: churches have powerful authorities on
Christians look up to religious leaders
such as priests, bishops and popes,
and religious traditions to find moral
truths. The church leaders are
respected and trusted giving them
great power. Their teachings can be
more modern than the bible as they
are aware of the changing times. The
church can also offer great help and
guidance.…read more

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SITUATION ETHICS: Depends on what's happening
This is doing what is right at the time
and what is intrinsically good. It is based
on the idea that whatever happens
should be done to get the best and
most love out of every single situation.
It's what will cause the least harm.
Some examples of what this could be
used is if: A homeless man steals a loaf
of bread in order to survive…read more

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