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RS Revision
Rights and Responsibilities…read more

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Making Moral Decisions
Bible Church
Against For
· Word of God dictated by God
· Bible was written by humans · Church is body of Christ. This is
· Contains God's teachings on
inspired by God. Many how Jesus would act and has the
behaviour (Decalogue) which
attitudes reflect social same authority as Jesus.
gives Xtians very clear moral
situation at the time of the · God did not stop speaking to
writers. people after the Bible was written.
· Contains teachings of Jesus
· Some Xtians would use the He speaks today through the
on how to live. He is son of
Church to tell them what the Church.
God so should be followed.
Bible means for today so · It is the community of Xtian
· Records events in the life of would put the authority of believers. Must be guided by God.
Jesus. Many Xtians ask the Church over the Bible.
themselves how Jesus would · If individual Xtians were to make
· Other Xtians would use their their own decisions there would be
behave in this situation then
conscience reason to decide lots of different opinions. If people
follow his example.
whether to follow the Bible follow the guidance of the Church,
· Contains letters from the in making a moral decision in they can be sure they are doing the
leading disciples and the the 21st century. right thing.
Apostle St Paul. The writers
knew Jesus and were guided · Xtians expect the Church to give
by the Holy Spirit. Church ­ The community of them guidance on Xtian life.
Christians · The authority comes from the
· It is definitely authenticated
by God so is approved by church ­ The Christian place of Magisterium which gives infallible
God. worship guidance.…read more

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Making Moral Decisions Situation Ethics
Conscience · Jesus followed S.E.
For Against · It is wrong to ignore consequences
· God speaks to Xtians. The · People have been mistaken of actions.
conscience is like a voice and about the voice of God e.g. · Jesus' statement (the only laws are
seems to be the voice of God, The Yorkshire Ripper. to love God and love your
therefore Xtians should neighbour) mean that Xtians
· If Xtians follow the bible then
follow it. should always do what will have
they are doing what all Xtians
· The Church says that Xtians agree is the right thing to do. the most loving results.
should follow their · Xtianity is a religion of love and
· If Xtians follow the Church
conscience as if it were the forgiveness so Xtians should make
then they know other Xtians
voice of God. their moral decisions based on love
will agree with them.
· St Paul and St Thomas not laws.
· If everyone followed their
Aquinas taught that Xtians
conscience rather than laws, Against
should use their conscience.
life would become chaotic. · God wouldn't have given laws to
If such great Xtian thinkers
Bible if they were not to be
say this they should listen.
· The teachings of the Bible
· They should follow other Xtians
and Church do not come
directly from God. However, · The Church know better what
the conscience is God Xtians should do than the
speaking directly to individual
individuals and so should be · You can never know all the facts,
followed. so don't know that the
consequences might be.…read more

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Making Moral Decisions
· Protestants might use the Bible because it is
straightforward with issues such as stealing, · A Xtian who usually follows their conscience
murder and adultery. might turn to the Bible or the Church if what
Contemporary issues such as contraception their conscience was telling them went against
and civil partnerships should be led by the what they knew was accepted in Xtian teachings.
Church or their conscience. The Bible says · A Xtian who usually used situation ethics might
nothing about contraception or civil decide that the issue was so complicated and
partnerships but condemns homosexuality so the effects of a choice so uncertain that the
they would have to look elsewhere. safest thing would be to follow either the Bible
· A Catholic would normally follow the Church as or the Church because they are more likely to
the Magisterium applied the teachings of the give the right choice.
Bible and the apostles to modern life.
However they may use situation ethics to the
issue of supplying condoms to African states to
prevent AIDs even though the Church bans
artificial contraception.
For homosexuality they may turn to their
conscience or situation ethics as the Church
says it isn't wrong to be homosexual but it
wrong to have homosexual sex.…read more

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Human Rights in the UK
· Right to life ­ the law must protect you from being killed. This right is claimed by asylum
seekers who will be killed if they return to their native country.
· Freedom from torture ­ no one can be tortured in the UK or by anyone acting on behalf of
UK authorities.
· Freedom from slavery and forced labour ­ no UK citizen can be involved in either or these.
· The right to a fair trial
· The right not to be punished for something that wasn't a crime when you did it
· Freedom of thought, conscience and religion ­ no one can be persecuted for their ideas or
· Freedom of expression ­ people can say what they think and publish their ideas as long as
they respects other laws
· Freedom of assembly and association ­ people have the right to meet with others to discuss
their views and to organise public demonstrations
Citizens of the UK have certain basic rights. These rights are meant to make sure that all UK
citizens are treated fairly and equally by the state.…read more

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Why human rights are important for Xtians
Important because: Cause problems because:
· Right to life is a basic Xtian belief because · Many Xtians are against the right to form
of the belief in the sanctity of life. Life is civil partnerships because they believe
holy and belongs to God and should only homosexuality is against God's will.
be taken by God. · Some Xtians are against the right to marry
· All people are made in the image of God. a person from a different faith. Xtians
The equality and dignity of people is should only marry Xtians so that the
shown in the teachings of Jesus and the children are brought up as Xtians. They
Church. Some teachings encourage Xtians would also discriminate against inter-faith
to treat everyone as if they were Jesus. It couples by refusing to allow them to
is important to Xtians that everyone is marry in church.
treated fairly and equally. · Some Xtians are against the right of
· Freedom of thought, conscience, religion, homosexuals to raise a family. Some
expression, assembly and association are Churches have opposed the adoption
an essential part of being Xtian. Xtians laws.
must have the legal right to believe in · There might also be problems for the
Xtianity to share beliefs with others and Church is a Catholic woman who wanted
meet together to worship. to be a priest used human right laws
· They believe in justice and many human against the Catholic Church, or if a
rights are a fundamental part of justice Catholic priest used human right laws to
and a just society. demand the right to marry.…read more

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