GEOGUNIT: Water- Water stress in the Middle East and N.Africa

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The Middle east (turkey and Israel) and N.Africa (Kenya and Egypt)

  • The middle east and North africa are the most water-scarce regions on earth with just 1% of freshwater.
  • The amount of water available varies from 1200m3 per person per year in Iran, to 200m3 per person per year in Jordan.
  • It is suggested that there will be an average of 500m3 per person per year across Middle east and North Africa region by 2025.
  • Population growth is increasing the pressure on water supply. This is because population growth leads to an increase in affluence and the development of irrigated farmlands.
  • Groundwater is being extracted faster than it is being replenished, and fossil reserves are being tapped to meet farmers needs- Farmers use 89% of the water extracted in order to irrigate their crops.
  • The Middle east faces an overall scarcity of water and also poor access of water for many.


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