GEOGUNIT: Water- Water abstraction of the nile: Egypt

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The Toshka project- Egypt

  • Egypt has began a scheme to irrigate areas away from the densely populated Nile Valley.
  • The $70billion Toshka project is part of the long term plan to improve the food production of the urban population and also improve exports.
  • The project will be funded by the international investment- most fundings will come from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab emirates.
  • TNCs such as Cadiz from California will be in charge of production, processing, harvests, storage and marketing.
  • The Mubarak pump station, in the middle of he basin, contains 24 pumps which will pump water from Lake Nassar to Suez canal.
  • Planners say that the project will create a second egypt and a new valley, and will support 16 million of people.
  • 95% of Egypts population live…


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