GEOGUNIT: Water- Environmental degradation in Australia

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The Murray Darling Basin (MDB)- Australia

  • The australian government announced a national plan for water insecurity (the plan) in Jnauary 2007, which focused on the Murray darling basin.
  • National managemnet for australian's water was needed for several reasons such as;
    • The fact that Australia is an arid country- rainfall is season, unreliable, undisributed, and amounts are declining.
    • Australians are the greatest per capita consumers in the world. Also, the population is growing in the South and East which puts pressure on supplies.
  • The MDB is under threat from increasing and competing demands.
  • Seasonal and local variability mean that some areas experience surpluses and others deficits.
  • These difficulties arise because the basin is so large and many different natural environments use it, for example;
    • Queenland is sub-tropical with rainforests.
    • The New South wales eastern ranges are cool and humid.
    • Victoria is more temperate.
    • The Eastern edges of S.Australia are…


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