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  • Can be measured in k/joules or k/calories.
  • Foods that provide energy: Carbohydrates(3.75k/cal/g - no more than 11% of dietry energy should come from sugar and 39% of dietry energy should come from starch), Fats(9k/cal/g - no more than 35% of dietry energy should come from fat and 11% should come from saturated fat), Proteins(4k/cal/g), Alcohol(7/cal/g)
  • We need 1000k/cal per day to stay alive

How much do we need?

Men - 2500k/cal/day

Women - 2000k/cal/day

What affects how much energy we need?

  • Age - elderly need less(more sedentry - less active)
  • Pregnancy(extra 200k/cal/day in the last trimester)
  • Activity'/exercise/occupation
  • Illness - sometimes need more energy but if very inactive it is better to…


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