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  • Adolescents
    • Period of rapid growth and body development. Nutrient requirements increase at this stage.
      • Protein
      • Iron for girls - periods. It is needed to prevent anaemia developing at the onset of menstruation.
      • Calcium
      • Vitamin D
    • Avoid alcohols as much as possible.
      • Can lead to social problems, obesity and severe damage to the liver, stomach and vital organs.
    • Hormones for adulthood start being produced  which could cause skin disturbances, so they should eat plenty of fruit and vegetable and avoid fatty acids which could aggravate them.
    • Appetite is bigger and they will want to eat between meals. They should have: fresh fruit, raw vegetables, yoghurt/fromage frais, crisp breads/ wholemeal bread rolls with butter/margarine.
      • Avoid drinking too many carbonated drinks and squashes - high sugar content. Juice/milk/water is good.
    • Important Nutrients.
      • Plenty of energy from starchy carbohydrates. Growth spurt needs energy, and increase in activities.
      • Protein needed for growth and repair of tissues. Teenagers are growing fast.
      • Calcium needed for bone growth and future bone health.
      • Vitamin D works with calcium in bone formation.
      • Iron needed for healthy blood and for teenage girls who start their periods.
      • Vitamin C helps iron absorption.
      • Thiamin needed for energy metabolism.
      • Zinc which is important for the immune system to help fight diseases and infection, and for male fertility.


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