Illness and Convalescents

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  • Illness and Convalescents
    • Greasy foods should be avoided.
      • May be indigestible.
      • Strong flavours may be unpalatable.
    • Should be easy to eat and digest.
    • Likely to have a poor appetite.
    • Energy value should be lower.
    • Should be appetising.
    • Likes and dislikes should be taken into account.
    • Careful attention to hygiene in the preparation and serving of the food is important, and the food must be very fresh.
    • Left-over food should not be served to avoid contamination.
    • Food preparation should be carried out away from the patient as the smell of cooking may affect appetite.
    • If the patient has a broken limb then they should eat foods that contain a good supplies of calcium, so that the bone heals strongly.
    • If the patient is recovering from an accident or operation, they should eat extra protein for body repair, and iron to replace that lost in blood.


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