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  • Pregnancy (page 56)
    • Must not eat
      • Soft Cheeses - e.g. brie (unpasteurised) due to the risk of listeria poisoning
        • Can survive 5 degrees c
        • Can result in still birth
      • Pate - e.g. liver
        • Can result in still birth
        • Too high in vitamin A
    • Increases needs for folic acid - e.g. broccoli
      • A B vitamin (water soluble)
      • Needed for development of the spine. To prevent sina bifida in the growing foetus
        • First 3 months (trimeser) of pregnancy and idealy 3 months before conceiving
    • Not eating for 2
      • But extra energy needed for final trimester
        • 200k/cal/g - e.g. 2 slices of toast
    • Iron (Fe)
      • Extra iron in last trimester to prevent anaemia
    • Calcium (Vitamin D)
      • For healthy development of skeleton or foetus


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