Business revision


Internal and external communication

Business revision

Good communication helps a business run smoothly. Bad communication creates problems and affects every stakeholder.

Internal communication happens within the business:

  • Internal communication can be between different layers of a hierarchy, or between people on the same level.

Communication differs between different layers of hierarchy:

  • Managers and supervisors need to communicate with operatives to give them tasks.
  • Operatives can give feedback to their managers.

Communication across the same level of the hierarchy:

  • Team members need to exchange communication in order for tasks to be run smoothly and effectively.
  • Different departments need to communicate with each other to coordinate their activities.


  • The media staff uses of communication may be varied depending on the office equipment and technology. For example, people can communicate by email, text, phone, face to face, video conferencing, letter, memo. However if they were to communicate by email, the receiver may not have any internet connection or an email account.
  • If a business has good communication it will allow tasks to be carried out smoothly. Also, staff will be better informed about what is going on in the business which may increase their motivation. If staff have good communication skills between each other then it will create a positive work relationship and a good working environment. It will prevent staff from making mistakes and allow tasks to run smoothly and successfully.
  • However a business that has bad communication it could result in…


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