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Keeping data secure

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Businesses face various security problems surrounding data. Electronically and physically.

  • It is important to keep data secure so that only authorised people can access it. If the data is hacked it can leak customers financial details, address, telephone numbers depending on the business. 
  • If data is stolen some of it can be used for fraud, identity theft and money thefts.
  • If a business loses customers personal information it can result in a bad reputation for the business, loss of customers and possibly money due to fines or being sued.

Physical security:

  • If data is stored on paper or data is in a room it willl need to be protected by the business.
  • Data can be stole physically from the building by people.
  • If data and valuable equipment is in a building it should be safe. This can be done by proivding strong locks, alarm systems and security cameras.

Access security (electronic):

  • People gain unauthorised access to businesses data through hacking.
  • Authorised users should be provided with usernames and instructed to create their own passwords. By doing this it allows only the…


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