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Data storage and backup

Business revision

Businesses need to store data securely which can be accessed easily. Businesses need to do this to protect customers details, for example a business may have bank details on a persons record which will need to be protected so they can keep their reputation, keep customers happy.

  • There are two main types of storage devices:
  • Internal devices: These are devices that are built into the computer like a hard disk.
  • External devices: These are devices that can be removed from the computer like a USB or a DVD.
  • Usually smaller companies use internal devices as their main form of storage (internal devices). By using this method it is important to back the data up regulary.
  • Larger companies will usually use a central server in which all members of staff can access the data and easily make copies and back ups onto an external device.
  • Portable storage devices like USB are good because they can be backed up easily and shared on computers effeicently.

Hard disks:

  • Hard disks are usually internal devices, they're already in the computer.
  • Usually their capacity is measured in gigabytes (GB). 1GB = 1024 megabytes (MB)
  • Desktops tend to have more storage in GB than laptops.
  • However sometimes hard drives do collapse and loose any data on it. This is why it is important to back data up regulary.
  • External hard disks are devices that plug…


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