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Data protection act
Business studies

Businesses will keep data on customers, patients, staff, students etc and it needs to be protected. Businesses have to follow a set of rules about how to keep and manage their data.

The data protection act controls how data is kept and used.

  • The data protection act was established in 1998.
  • Any business or organisation that holds personal information/data about individuals must obide by the 8 rules of the data protection act.
  • Data subjects (people) have a right to see, control and edit their data. People have a right to permit it for marketing or processing.

The 8 rules of the data protection act:

  • Data must not be processed (entered and stored) unless there is a specific lawful reason to do so. For example a business would be able to check if someone pays there rent on time, this is legal.
  • Data can only be obtained and


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