Business revision


Employment law

Business revision

The employment law is something that employers have to obide by.

Contracts of employment and the minimum wage.

  • All staff should have a copy of the businesses diciplinery procedures. This procedure would inform staff what actions/behaviour would lead to a warning, and then a dismissal.
  • The government sets a national minimum wage, depending on peoples age. This means that the business can not cut wages under the minimum wage.

Anti discrimination law:

  • This prevents employers from discriminating candidates and employees.
  • Discrimating can include one of the following: Gender, ethnicity, disabillities, age, sexual orientation and religion.
  • For example an employer must make adaptations to the business work space if they employ someone disabled. If it has more than one floor they will have to install a lift and adapt the toilets. Also women must be paid the same as men if they're doing the same job.

Leaving employment:

  • Employees are protected…


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