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The Weimar Republic
By Cara Humphreys…read more

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Strengths and
Weaknesses…read more

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Beginning of the Weimar Republic
At the end of October 1918, the German navy mutinied. Rebellion spread throughout
the country. In November Germany was forced to drop out of the First World War.
Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated and fled the country.
A new Republic was declared. In January 1919, elections were held for a new
Reichstag and in February 1919, in the town of Weimar, a new government was
Freidrich Ebert was elected President of the new Republic.
Germany did not just get a new government. The Allies made sure that Germany got a
Before 1914 kind of government After 1919
The government of Germany was almost a the government of Germany was a
military autocracy parliamentary democracy
hereditary monarch elected president
Men over 25 can vote All men and women over the age of 20 can
vote, by proportional voting.
the Kaiser called the Reichstag the electors elected the Reichstag
the Kaiser appointed the Government the Government was selected from the
Reichstag; it had to have a majority in the
Reichstag, and had to do as the Reichstag
Kaiser Wilhelm said: 'Who opposes me I a Bill of Rights safeguarded all Germans
shall crush to pieces'. equality before the law and political and…read more

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How did it start ?
After Germany lost the First World War, the
Kaiser fled.
A new democratic government was declared in
February 1919 in the town Weimar.
This was because it was to dangerous to
announce in Berlin where there had been
revolts by Communist groups called
The Weimar Republic was an attempt to create
a perfect democratic country.…read more

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The Perfect Democracy
These were set in place to make the democracy
perfect for Germany:
A Bill of Rights, which guaranteed every German
citizen freedom of speech, religion and equality
under the law
All men and women over 20 could vote (which
was better then in Britain where you had to be
over 30)
There was an elected president and an elected
Reichstag (parliament)
The Reichstag made the laws and appointed the
government, which had to do what the
Reichstag wanted…read more

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What was wrong with the Weimar
The two great weaknesses were :
Proportional representation
Article 48…read more

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