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International relations: Peace and Conflicts in the 20th Century

Paper 1
1. Hitler's foreign Policy and the origins of WW2

-Hitler's aims in foreign policy

-How Hitler achieved his aims 1933-1938

-Events in foreign policy 1933-1938
+ Rearmament
+ Return of the Saar 1935
+ Re-militarisation of…

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+ The Cuban missile crises 1962
+ The Czechoslovakia 1968 and its consequences

Paper 2
3. Hitler's Germany 1929-1939

- How and why was Hitler able to become Chancellor in January 1933
+ The Wall Street crash and its consequences in Germany
+ The failures of the Weimar government

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- Why did the USA stock exchange collapse in 1929
+ Reasons for the crash
+ Consequences of the crash

5. USA and Vietnam: Failure at home and abroad, 1964- 1975

- Why did the USA become involved in Vietnam and how did the nature of this involvement change from…


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