its basicaly a checklist of all the topics foir the AQA GCSE histoy exam


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International relations: Peace and Conflicts in the 20th Century
Paper 1
1. Hitler's foreign Policy and the origins of WW2
-Hitler's aims in foreign policy
-How Hitler achieved his aims 1933-1938
-Events in foreign policy 1933-1938
+ Rearmament
+ Return of the Saar 1935
+ Re-militarisation of the Rhineland 1936
+ Anschluss with Austria 1938
-Chamberlains policy of appeasement
+ Reasons for and against appeasement
+ The Sudetenland crisis and the Munich agreement 1938
-Events 1938-1939
+ The collapse of Czechoslovakia march 1939
+ The Nazi soviet pact august 1939
+ Invasion of Poland September 1939
-Why did war break out September 1939
2. The cold war: its origins and crises 1945-1970
-Why did the USAA and USSR become rivals 1945- 1949
+ The difference between capitalism and communism; between democracy and totalitarian dictatorship
+ The Yalata and Potsdam conferences 1945
+ Soviet expansion in Eastern Europe 1945- 1948, the iron curtain
+ The Truman doctrine and Marshall Aid and the soviet interpretation and response
+ The Berlin Blockade and airlift 1948- 1949
-How did the Cold War develop between 1945- 1955
+ The formation of NATO
+ The nuclear arms race
+ The Korean War 1950-1953
+ Death of Stalin and Khrushchev's policy of peaceful co-existence
+ The Warsaw Pact
-Crises of the Cold War 1955- 1970
+ Response of the communist eastern European countries to peaceful co-existence
+ The Hungarian uprising 1956
+ The nuclear arms race / space race
+ The U2 crisis 1960
+ The situation in Berlin and the\Berlin wall 1961

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The Cuban missile crises 1962
+ The Czechoslovakia 1968 and its consequences
Paper 2
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Why did the USA stock exchange collapse in 1929
+ Reasons for the crash
+ Consequences of the crash
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