Validity of revelation

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The power of revelation

The power of revelation

  • providing proof of Gods existence or belief
  • helping people to start a religion
  • helping people to know what they should do to live as God wishes

Providing proof

  • the beauty and complexity of nature can convince theists that God exists
  • the occurance of miracles is also another form of proof that God exists
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Is revelation Real?


One of the issues that religions and thiests have to face is proving to themselves, and to others whether or not revelation is genuine. 


  • Special - only occur to specific groups of individuals so are subjective and difficult to prove 
  • General - available to everyone although different people claim to have experienced different things maing it hard to prove the actual experience.


  • Does the revelation change an atheist or agnostic to believe in God? If it does, it may be genuine.
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Is revelation an illusion?


Atheists would argue that as God doesn't exist, that any revelation is an illusion. Theists have to find evidence to prove to themselves and others that a revelation is true. 

Atheists reject the reality of revelation for these reasons:

  • it is a false experience brought on by drugs or alchol
  • wishful thinking
  • mental/physical illness
  • mind playing tricks
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