Islam key Words


Islam Key Words

1.1  The 6 beliefs

Ahl al-bayt – people of the P.Muhammad’s house (family)

Allah – Arabic name for God

Hadith – sayings of the P.Muhammad

Khalifah – a religious leader (caliph)

Kitab al-iman – the Book of Faith in the Sahih Musilm collection of Hadith

Qur’an – the holiest text in Islam

Shi’a – Muslims who believe that leadership belongs to the ahl al-bayt

Sunni – Muslims who believe Abu Bakr was the first of four ‘rightly guided’ leaders after the P.Muhammad

1.2 The five roots of ‘Usul ad-Din

Adalat – divine justice. Also known as ‘Adl

Mi’ad – day of judegement and resurrection

Tawhid – belief in one god; the oneness of allah

‘Usul ad-Din – name given to the principles of faith in Shi’a Islam

1.3The Nature of Allah 

Beneficence – kindness, generosity

Immanence – a belief that Allah acts in the world

Omnipotence – being all-powerful

Sin – an action against Allah’s will

Surah – chapter

Transcendence – a beliefe that Allah is above and beyond his creation

1.4 Risalah

 Humanity – all human beings

Miracles – extrodinary events that may not be explainable

Prophet – a messenger chosen by Allah to teach humanity what is right and wrong

Risalah – the system of communication between Allah and people through propets

Scripture – a holy book or text given by Allah through a prophet

1.5 Muslim holy books

Injil – original Gospel of Isa

Kutubullah – books of Allah

Revelation – communication from Allah, often through an angel

Sahifah – scrolls of Ibrahim and Moses

Tawrat – Torah

Zabur – psalms of David

1.6 Malaikah

Kiraman katiban – the noble scribes, the angels who note every person’s good and bad deeds

Malaikah – the Arabic name for angels

1.7 Al-Qadr

Akhirah – life after death, when the Day of Judgement takes place

Al-Qadr – (predestination) belief that Allah has preordained certain things and put in place fixed universal laws

1.8 Akhirah

Barzakh – stage between death and time of judgement

Resurrection – the belief that humans will be raised again in the next life

2.1 Marriage

Cohabitation – living together while not married

Nikah – marriage contract

Procreation – having children

 2.2 Sexual Relationships

Adultery – sex where one or both of those involved are already married to someone else (extramarital sex)

Homosexuality – sexual relations between two people of the same sex

Premarital sex – a sexual relationship which occurs before marriage

 2.3 The Family

Blended family – 2 families uniting when parents meet new partners

Nuclear family – mother, father and children living as one unit

Surrogacy – when a mother becomes pregnant and gives birth for a coupe who are unable to have children

Ummah – community of Muslims around the world

2.4 Support for the family

Adhan – the call to prayer in Arabic

Aqiqah – a…


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