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Here a creation story just to give you an idea about how
different religions and cultures have very different views about
the creation of the universe.
Inuit creation story
This story is about Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the sea.
The Inuit (Eskimos) depend on the sea for food, so no god or goddess is more
important to them.
At the beginning of the world there were giants.
They lived on the land and ate the fruits of the land. One year, as the days
began to get shorter and colder, a baby girl was born to two of the giants. They
named her Sedna.
Day by day, as the sun became weaker and smaller, Sedna grew stronger and
bigger. She grew and grew very quickly until, in no time at all, she was huge.
Soon she was bigger than her giant parents.
The bigger she got the more she ate and the more she needed to eat, but
there were not enough plants on the land to satisfy her hunger. One night,
ravenously hungry, she began to gnaw her parents legs.
`Owww!' they cried, `that's enough of that.' With a great struggle they bundled
Sedna up in a blanket and carried her to their canoe. It was dark but they
paddled out to sea in the light of a hazy moon. When they reached the middle
of the ocean, they pushed Sedna overboard into the icy waters.
And that, they thought, was that. They started to paddle back towards the
land, shivering for the cold and also for shame at what they had done to their
own daughter. Yet before they had gone far, the canoe stopped no matter
how fast they paddled, the canoe would not move forward. To their horror they
saw two hands, Sedna's hands, reaching out of the water to grip the canoe and
then to rock it from side to side.
The giants felt the boat shaking. Soon they would be tossed into the ocean
they would surely drown, unless they did something quickly.
Simply to save themselves, they pulled out sharp knives and chopped off
Sedna's fingers. One by one the fingers splashed into the sea and, as they
sank, they changed into swimming creatures. One became a whale, one a seal,
another a walrus, another a salmon. The fingers changed into all the creatures
of the seas.
As for Sedna, she drifted through new shoals of fish to the bottom off the
ocean. There the fishes built her an underwater tent. Above her, the cold
waters formed a crust of ice and sealed Sedna in her wintry, watery world. She

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Inuit are short of food, they call on Sedna and
she provides it, even in the depths of winter.…read more

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The stories are very similar making them easy to understand.
However just because they're easy to understand doesn't
mean they're true.
It's a generic ideology so can be considered a typical belief.
Whether you believe it or not is your own belief.
More differences than similarities, showing they're not true.…read more

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Evidence: planets and galaxies moving away
Christian response to the Big Bang theory: we have yet to prove
that God didn't create the Big Bang.
How does religion link to
These two link together first of all with a contradiction
between evolution and the first chapter of genesis, but
otherwise people see them as two very different things
because science is based on predictions and tests whereas
religion is based on beliefs, which can't really be tested because everyone is
different.…read more

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It is thought that evolution does not deny the existence of God because who's
to say that god wasn't a driving force behind it? However it does contradict
some specific interpretations of God, very few people have this narrow minded
view of him. Therefore there are many people who believe in both God and
evolution because it seems that common descent describes the process used
by God, this interpretation is considered a valid one until a test is discovered to
separate chance and God.…read more

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Exam questions:
"Galileo started modern science" do you agree? (6 marks)
"Newton was the most important figure in the cosmological
revolution" do you agree? (6 marks)
How did the cosmological revolution challenge the church?…read more

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Tried to discover the substance from which everything is made (in
nature) and suggested water.
His idea contributed to the changing world because he was the first to
explain natural phenomena in rational terms, but at the time, it was
believed that supernatural forces were responsible so his ideas were
He influenced Pythagoras, Anaximander and Anaximenes into their
discoveries.…read more

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The Victorian time was an insecure time for religion because they were
all serious about their faith so when Darwin came along there was a bit
of a shock.
Charles Darwin and Evolution:
Darwin was a scientist and he wrote a book called: `the origin of species'
in 1859.
He suggested that the world was a place of change and that thousands
of species were a result of that (years of change and adaption).…read more


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