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Here a creation story just to give you an idea about how
different religions and cultures have very different views about
the creation of the universe.

Inuit creation story

This story is about Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the sea.
The Inuit (Eskimos) depend on the sea for food, so…

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still lives there, and whenever the Inuit are short of food, they call on Sedna and
she provides it, even in the depths of winter.

If you look at different creation
stories you will see there are many similarities:
Most only have one creator/God
Most have sacrifices
Other Gods have…

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The stories are very similar making them easy to understand.
However just because they're easy to understand doesn't
mean they're true.
It's a generic ideology so can be considered a typical belief.
Whether you believe it or not is your own belief.
More differences than similarities, showing they're not true.…

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than a pinhead. Evidence: planets and galaxies moving away

Christian response to the Big Bang theory: we have yet to prove
that God didn't create the Big Bang.

How does religion link to

These two link together first of all with a contradiction
between evolution and the first…

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It is thought that evolution does not deny the existence of God because who's
to say that god wasn't a driving force behind it? However it does contradict
some specific interpretations of God, very few people have this narrow minded
view of him. Therefore there are many people who believe…

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Exam questions:
"Galileo started modern science" do you agree? (6 marks)
"Newton was the most important figure in the cosmological
revolution" do you agree? (6 marks)
How did the cosmological revolution challenge the church?

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Tried to discover the substance from which everything is made (in
nature) and suggested water.
His idea contributed to the changing world because he was the first to
explain natural phenomena in rational terms, but at the time, it was
believed that supernatural forces were responsible so his ideas…

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The Victorian time was an insecure time for religion because they were
all serious about their faith so when Darwin came along there was a bit
of a shock.

Charles Darwin and Evolution:
Darwin was a scientist and he wrote a book called: `the origin of species'
in 1859.


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