Looking for Meaning, Unit 3


Belief in God

Many beliefs in god 

  • one being that god has altimate power in the universe and worship should be given

However has to be some evidence that God exists ,

religious people prove this through evidence contained in holy books, religious experiences, religious teachings 

non religious people argue there is no evidnece of this spiritual being known as god by pointing out suffering from the world we live in, scientific evidence

Athiest- someone who does not believe in God and is convinced that God is not real

Agnostic- someone who is not sure if God is real and feels Gods existance is beyond human knowledge and experience 

Thiest- someone who does believe in God and is convinced that God is real


Religion in a secular society 

Britian today is a multicultural society 

also more of a secualr society, as less people attend places of worship on HOLY DAYS and material needs have over taken spiritual ones. 

some argue no place for religion, medicine advances have relieved suffering that many turned for God.

Why is relgion necessary in a secular society...

value of religion in todays society, 

  • provides stability and sense of community 
  • world religions been around for thousnads of years
  • provides guidence and advice on how to act and behave 
  • promotes good rather than bad values
  • relgious believers tend to help people less fortunate, through charity etc
  • gives support to those who ae struggling in life

why not necessary in todays society 

  • importance of holy days (sunday for Christains) has been overtaken by material needs of the world, some shops now open seven days a week
  • morals and aacting in certain ways no longer valid, drug use on the increase
  • many people feel science proves everything for them
  • people more intrested in other things 
  • fewer people brought up to be religious 
  • religion relfelcted negatively by media


The nature of God 1

Revelation- way in which God chooses to reveal ones nature to people 

this can be done in numerous ways, 

  • holy books/sacred texts 
    • some feel God is directly speaking to God and say that it is a direct relelation of Gods words
  • natural world 
    • as they look around the world religious believers see evidence of Gods existance, people feel a sense of awe (sense of wonder in relation to gods creation or presense)
  • Relgious teachings 
    • get a sense of shared community with others in closeness of God 
  • Worship and prayer
    • develop a direct relationship with God
  • Personal Experience
    • even during hardship can put their trust and faith in God
  • Great Religious leaders
    • lead them closer to God
  • Miracles
    • power of God and many religious believers claim they have experienced this 


The nature of God 2

Most people have an idea of what God might be like, religious beleivers use these words

  • omnipotent- all powerful
  • omniscient- all knowledgeable 
  • omnibenevolent- all loving 
  • omnipresent- present everywhere

Also God often decribed as transcendant (beyond human undertstanding) but at the same time immanent (close to each person and acting


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